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Home » Student Success » Support Programs » Ninth Grade Success

Ninth Grade Success

Contact Information

Kefi Andersen
Graduation Equity Program Supervisor

We know that ninth graders who end the year on track are four times more likely to graduate. It is a stronger indicator of future graduation than race, ethnicity, poverty, or test scores (Network for College Success).

Geared toward school leaders, you can learn more about why ninth grade success is important, best practices and strategies, frequently asked questions, and get resources to support your work.

Ninth Grade Success Best Practices & Strategies

The first year of high school is a critical predictor of students' future likelihood of completing high school. Passing all courses in ninth grade is strongly associated with graduating. Take a look at best practices, strategies, and resources for ninth grade success.

Ninth Graders on Track FAQs

Frequently asked questions including laws and policies around ninth grade success.