OSPI Closed Today, July 13

Due to the ongoing fight to reduce the impacts of COVID-19, the budget impacts of the pandemic, and the recent directive by Governor Inslee to reduce employee work hours as a cost savings measure, OSPI is closed and all staff are on mandatory furlough today. Employees will respond to inquiries as quickly as possible when the agency reopens on July 14.

See OSPI’s COVID-19 guidance and resources for educators, students, and families.

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Claims, Fiscal Information and Resources

Claims and Fiscal

Fiscal Supervisor
Hydie Kidd

Fiscal Analyst
Pam Fravel

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Child Nutrition Program sponsors are reimbursed for eligible meals and snacks. Claims are processed by OSPI Child Nutrition Services and are filed electronically in the Washington Integrated Nutrition System (WINS) on a monthly basis.


Reimbursement Rates for NSLP & SBP

July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

Meal  Free Reduced-Price Paid
Breakfast $1.84 $1.54 $0.31
Severe Need Breakfast $2.20 $1.90 $0.31
Lunch (less than 60%) $3.41 $3.01 $0.32
Lunch (60% or more) $3.43 $3.03 $0.34
Performance Based Reimbursement $0.07 $0.07 $0.07
Snack $0.94 $0.47 $0.08

Source: United States Department of Agriculture

State Assistance and Co-pay Rates

July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Assistance Free Reduced-Price Paid

State Assistance for Free and Reduced Price Breakfast Meals*

$0.17** $0.17** N/A

State Co-pay for K-3 Reduced Price Lunches

N/AN/ANN/A $0.40 N/A

State Co-pay for Reduced Price Breakfasts

N/A $0.30 N/A

Source: WA State Legislature
*Assistance rate subject to change based on availability of state funds and number of meals claimed.
** May and June 2019 claims will be reimbursed at 19 cents.

Claim Information

Reimbursement Rates

Reimbursement rates are set by USDA annually during the month of July and depend on the type of institution participating.

  • Centers reimbursement for meals is based on family income eligibility.
  • Homeless shelters and at-risk centers are reimbursed at the free rate.
  • Family Day Care Homes sponsors are reimbursed on a two-tier fund structure using criteria such as location of the day care home, the income of the day care home provider, and the income of the individual child's household.

Reimbursement rates for Child Care Centers & At-Risk Programs

July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

Meal Free Reduced-Price



Breakfast $1.84 $1.54 $0.31
Lunch/Supper $3.41 $3.01 $0.32
Supplements $0.94 $0.47 $0.08

Child and Adult Care Food Program center sponsors will receive $0.2375 as cash-in-lieu of USDA Foods for each lunch/supper served.

Reimbursement rates for Family Day Care Home Sponsors For Providers

July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

Meal Tier I Tier II
Breakfast $1.33 $0.48
Lunch/Supper $2.49 $1.50
Supplement $0.74 $0.20

Reimbursement rates for Family Day Care Home Sponsors for Administrators

July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

Initial 50 day care homes Tier I Amount
Breakfast Initial 50 day care homes $120.00
Lunch/Supper Next 150 day care homes $91.00
Next 800 day care homes $71.00
Additional day care homes $63.00


Summer Food Service Program

January 1, 2020- December 31, 2020

Meal Type Operating Rates Administrative Rates Combined Rates
Breakfast Vended/Urban $2.16 $0.1700 $2.3300
Breakfast Self-Prep/Rural $2.16 $0.2150 $2.3750
Lunch/Supper Vended/Urban $3.76 $0.3275 $4.0875
Lunch/Supper Self-Prep/Rural $3.76 $0.3925 $4.1525
Snack Vended/Urban $0.87 $0.0850 $0.9550
Snack Self-Prep/Rural $0.87 $0.1075 $0.9775

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Child and Adult Care Food Program
National School Lunch & Breakfast Program