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Principal Letter Templates

Contact Information

Assessment Operations


To accompany these letters, OSPI will assist District Test Coordinators in providing alternate formats (e.g., Braille) of score reports upon request. Email Assessment and Student Information at OSPI with the district request for assistance.

Before Testing

Grades 3-8

  • WA-AIM Intro Letter: For families of students in grades 3–8 whose children will take the WA-AIM in ELA, math, and science in the spring of 2020.

High School

  • WA-AIM Intro Letter: For families of high school students whose children will take the WA-AIM in ELA, math, and science in the spring of 2020.

After Testing

Hard copy score reports are printed by Washington's testing vendor and were shipped to districts on September 5–6, 2019.

Your Student's Progress handouts are available for grades K–12 to accompany the test results.

Grades 3–8

High School


  • Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment Results Letter: For families of students whose first language is not English. After an initial placement test is given, it is followed by an annual test to measure students' growth in English language knowledge and skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking until additional help to learn English is no longer required.
    • (Available in 36 languages)