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Education Grant Management System (EGMS)

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The OSPI EGMS Project Steering Committee has decided to postpone the implementation of EGMS (iGrants replacement) until the spring of 2022. We will continue to use the existing iGrants system for the time being, including the awarding and claiming of all three rounds of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds.

More information

When developing the original project plan and completion timeline, we could not have anticipated the significant amount of ESSER funds moving through the system. At the same time, districts are managing the budgeting and operational challenges of safely reopening school buildings for in-person instruction in September. Not only will this postponement eliminate the need to learn a new system during this time; it will also allow us more time to identify any additional steps needed for a successful implementation and a smoother transition. This decision means that any upcoming training opportunities on the new EGMS system will be canceled. We will reschedule these opportunities next spring and will share specific details once we are closer to that time. We truly appreciate all you do, and look forward to a successful launch of EGMS down the road. Please use the contact information email with any questions you may have.

OSPI is in the process of transitioning from iGrants to the Education Grant Management System (EGMS). EGMS is a sustainable, modern solution to replace the aging iGrants system. It will improve business processes and be more efficient for both LEAs and OSPI. EGMS will replace iGrants, the Claims system, and Program Monitor (used for Consolidated Program Review). Other EDS applications will remain in EDS.


EGMS will go live in spring 2022.

EGMS Resources

What does this mean for me?

If you have used iGrants in the past or plan to apply to future grants, you will eventually need an EGMS account and complete all this grant work in the new grants management system. We will have more information about registration at a later date. Registration will be completed for most current iGrants users. New users will access the webpage and register as a new user. Training will be provided in a variety of avenues beginning in spring 2022. Those trainings, webinars, and user manuals will be provided on this page as they become available.

Consolidated Grant Application

One of the grant opportunities in EGMS will be the Consolidated Grant Application. This will be a single form package, or opportunity, that will include all federal Title programs with a transferability option. These programs include:

  • Title I, Part A
  • Title I, Part C
  • Title I, Part D
  • Title II, Part A
  • Title III, Part A
  • Title IV, Part A
  • Title V, Part B and REAP

This grant opportunity will combine common Title requirements, such as Substantially Approvable Status (SAS), program assurances, and family engagement. Then separate sections for the unique program requirements. The budgets for each program will be on a single page and will include only allowable activities for each program. The Consolidated Grant Application will be tailored to each LEA, so only the programs the LEA is participating in will be displayed in the application. It will also allow multiple staff to complete different portions at the same time.


Trainings will take place in Spring 2022.