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Student Discipline Task Force

In 2013 legislation passed that significantly affected student discipline laws in Washington state. The legislation created RCW 28A.600.490, which directed OSPI to convene a discipline task force to develop:

  1. Standard definitions for causes of student disciplinary actions taken at the discretion of the school district.
  2. Data collection standards for disciplinary actions that are discretionary and for disciplinary actions that result in the exclusion of a student from school.

The data collection standards must include data about:

  • Education services provided while a student is subject to a disciplinary action.
  • The status of petitions for readmission to the school district when a student has been excluded from school.
  • Credit retrieval during a period of exclusion.
  • School dropout as a result of disciplinary action.

The task force first convened from September 2013 to December 2014. With the passage of 4SHB 1541 in the 2016 legislative session, OSPI reconvened the task force to:

  1. Review and recommend data collection standards related to Part I of 4SHB 1541 (Disproportionality in Student Discipline).
  2. Provide feedback regarding the revision of student discipline rules in Chapter 392-400 WAC.

Student Discipline Task Force

2013–14 Final Report

The task force developed standard definitions and data elements to revise the collection of student discipline data in the statewide Comprehensive Educational Data and Research System (CEDARS). In concluding their 2013–2014 body of work, the task force chose to compile their recommended revisions to CEDARS, relevant discretionary discipline issues, and related policy recommendations into a final report.

Task Force Members