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Dual Language Education and Resources

Tribal and Dual Language Program Grant Opportunities

We have additional grant funds to offer another round of 2-year grant opportunities to support Tribal language and dual language programs. Review the Tribal and Dual Language Program Grant Opportunities today!

Contact Information

Dual Language Education

Asst. Director Dual Language

Professional learning opportunities and resources to grow our P–12 dual language programs.

P-12 Dual Language Initiative

Tribal, Heritage & Dual Language Professional Learning Communities

Join us for monthly, virtual professional learning communities (PLCs) to learn and support one another’s language programs. Please register for the PLCs using the pdEnroller links below. OSPI will provide free clock hours for participants after the June 2022 PLC meetings. Register through pdEnroller to earn clock hours.

NOTE: The Zoom links for each PLC are listed next to each date when registering!

Resources & Professional Learning

Bilingual Educator Workforce Development

Dual Language Program Videos

Building the Dual Language Program 

Dual Language Professional Learning - Spanish Literacy
Supporting dual language teachers with Spanish literacy professional learning opportunities.

Dual Language Job - Embedded Professional Development
Improving instruction for English learners by employing the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning and job-embedded instructional coaching on Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) strategies.

Dual Language Professional Learning - DLeNM
Resources to support dual language professional learning and program evaluation through DLeNM.