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Alternate English Language Proficiency Assessment

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OSPI adopted with WIDA Alternate ACCESS for ELL in 2018 to assess the language proficiency of English Learners (ELs) with the most significant cognitive disabilities. You'll find information to support schools and districts in administering the assessment including key dates, resources, and training.

Important Dates

  • Testing Window: January 30, March 24
  • Alternate ACCESS Field Test Window: February 14 - April 17
  • Pre-Identification: December 09, 2022 (Please note that pre-identification for this test happens in the Washington Assessment Management System, more commonly known as WAMS)
  • Testing Materials arrive in district: Two weeks before testing
  • Additional Materials Order Window: Two weeks before testing begins to one week before testing ends  
    NOTE: each district has ONE order of "additional" materials before associated costs are assumed
  • Materials Return: One week after close of window 
    NOTE: materials must be picked up by the courier on or before the last day to ship.

Alternate ACCESS Field Test

The WIDA Consortium is developing new assessments for multilingual students who have the most significant cognitive disabilities. The new tests will include revamped Alternate ACCESS test at all grade levels including kindergarten and an Alternate Screener. In order to develop a valid and reliable test, WIDA has created a stand-alone field test for spring 2023. Washington students who take the Alternate ACCESS will also take the Alternate ACCESS Field Test in 2023.

Field Test Basics

  • Window: February 14, 2023, to April 17, 2023
  • Materials: Materials will be delivered to districts based on the pre-ID file. All Field Test materials will be packaged separately from operational Alternate ACCESS Materials, marked "Field Test" and will have an image of a dog on them. 
  • Training: The training for the field test is added to the training for the Alternate ACCESS test.
  • Scheduling: The Field Test must be scheduled AFTER the operational Alternate ACCESS. Each test will take approximately 80 minutes for most students (20 minutes per domain).
  • Planning for the Field Test:

Kindergarten Students and Alternate ACCESS

The Alternate ACCESS is available for grades 1-2. In Washington, Kindergarten students who are eligible for the Alternate ACCESS can take the grade 1-12 assessment. These students would take the grade K-2 Alternate ACCESS Field Test.



All Test Administrators for the WIDA Alternate ACCESS are required to complete TA training annually. Training is available on the WIDA Secure Portal under Assessment Training.