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OER Project Grants

2020-21 OER Grantee Showcase

Hear about the current OER Grantees discuss their new resources available for sharing and adaptation on the Washington OER Hub.

OER Grant Opportunities

Apply for all these opportunities through iGrants

2021-22 OER GrantFP730

SEL- OR GrantFP 126

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that are free to use, adapt, and share in order to better serve all students.

As more districts develop or adapt OER, we have a tremendous opportunity to share resources across districts, via our OER Commons Washington Hub, promoting equitable access to standards-aligned, quality instructional materials. This grant opportunity is in support of that goal.

2020-2021 OER Project Grant AwardsIn choosing our grantees for this year, priority consideration was given to projects that integrated content or addressed areas currently lacking in standards aligned OER. Additionally, consideration was given to projects developing resources that could be delivered remotely or in a blending learning environment.

2020-2021 OER Project Grant Awards

Thorp School District logoThorpe School District

Thorp School District, in cooperation with members of the Yakama Nation and Kittitas Band Elders, will put together Social Studies instructional materials that can shed light on the contributions of local stakeholders (groups, tribes, etc.) while also engaging students in a practice of analyzing and recording oral history through interviewing local tribal members.

Tribal elders, historians, and cultural experts will gather in order to understand how ethnogeography affected local tribes. Developed from this partnership will be a series of grade-level OER lesson plans that have embedded in them pictures, maps, oral histories, treaty rights, and tribal cultural perspectives that will meet Washington State Content Standards in Social Studies and English Language Arts but more importantly connect to the Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State lessons.

Seattle Public Schools logoSeattle Public Schools

The Seattle Schools Dual Language Social Studies OER project will provide opportunities for a team of dual language teachers to identify, translate, and align resources in Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin to be used in middle school dual language social studies classes, as well as in the new and developing high school social studies courses.

These resources will be developed and implemented with an emphasis on using culturally relevant strategies and strategies for supporting language learners with complex grade level texts.

Seattle Public Schools Group on OER Commons Washington Hub

Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth logoWashington Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

The dynamic environment of the American economy requires in depth knowledge to achieve personal financial success. Deaf and hard of hearing students and families are at a material disadvantage due to limited access to financial education material in their first language (American Sign Language).

This project will produce a series of financial literacy videos for students, families, and teachers with content delivered in American Sign Language by a native deaf speaker (and captioned for full access). Video content will be made available free of charge as an open education resource available for both remote classroom instruction and home viewing.

Educational Service District 112

STEM Instructional Materials Collaborative logoFor the 2020-2021 school year, the project will be focused on providing teachers with high quality STEM instructional materials that can be implemented while schools are functioning with a blended model of instruction due to partial school reopening.

The focus of the Fall semester will be to create OER instructional materials that have components that can be used both by teachers and by families. Teacher support materials will help educators use virtual tools to engage students in phenomenon-driven instruction. Family-facing activities within the unit will leverage the home environment and provide interesting and engaging activities that be easily implemented at home.

STEM Instructional Materials Website

STEM Instructional Materials Group on OER Commons Washington Hub

SHAPE Washington logoSociety of Health and Physical Educators--SHAPE Washington

This project will provide unit plans to teach invasion and net games using the TGfU instructional model. The TGfU model uses a modified game-practice-modified game approach which encourages students to develop critical thinking skills as they make connections between the skills needed to perform the proper tactic used in the modified game.

The lesson plans and assessments for each unit will encourage students to become more physically literate as they develop the competence and confidence to participate in sports throughout their lifetime

Tacoma Public Schools logoTacoma Public Schools

Tacoma Public Schools will gather a team of World Language teacher leaders, instructional facilitators, and instructional technology staff to create six supplemental instruction OER units, levels 1 and 2 for secondary French, Spanish, and Korean.

Successful units previously developed by this team will be adapted for a blended learning model flexible for synchronous and asynchronous online delivery as well as in-person instruction. Units will be based on state learning standards for World Language, be performance-based, and assess students’ proficiency using ACTFL Proficiency Standards. This project addresses the statewide need for resources designed for a blended learning model and prepares Washington students for success in an ever-increasing globalized society.

Explore grantee efforts on the Washington OER Hub and Washington Hub Highlights.

Past Grant Awards

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Final Grantee Reports

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