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OER Project Grants

OER Grantee Resource Showcase

2022 OER Grantee Resource Showcase

Areas include: coding for kids, health and fitness, integrated content, social emotional learning, social studies, and world languages.

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Open Educational Resources


Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that are free to use, adapt, and share in order to better serve all students.

As more districts develop or adapt OER, we have a tremendous opportunity to share resources across districts, via our OER Commons Washington Hub, promoting equitable access to standards-aligned, quality instructional materials. This grant opportunity is in support of that goal.

In choosing our grantees for this year, priority consideration was given to projects that integrated content or addressed areas currently lacking in standards aligned OER. Additionally, consideration was given to projects developing resources that could be delivered remotely or in a blending learning environment.

2021-2022 OER Project Grant Awards

Educational Service District 112

ESD 112 LogoThe collaborative will create supplemental curriculum materials that focus on integration of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and Social Studies.

Lessons and activities will allow students to think critically about real-world issues that affect people locally or around the world. Art will be the medium through which students will demonstrate their understanding of concepts while sending a powerful message to their community.

The units will follow the instructional framework of Project-based learning with special attention to student voice and choice, authenticity of problem solving, and a production of an impactful public product.


Educurious logoThe Washington State History Project (WSHP) brings together middle school educators, district facilitators, cultural consultants, and local experts to develop six interdisciplinary standards-aligned Washington State History project-based learning (PBL) curriculum units. 

This collaboration addresses the need for high-quality, equity-focused curriculum that highlights under-told stories in Washington. The WSHP is a combination of original content, materials from Since Time Immemorial, and multimedia resources.

Federal Way Public Schools

Federal Way Public Schools logoThis project will utilize grade level teams comprised of classroom and support teachers to create a 10-lesson Identity, Diversity and Community unit to be taught in all elementary classrooms.

The purpose is to attend to student social and emotional needs in the context of classroom learning. The units will focus on building understanding of identity and the diversity represented through their classmates to establish the foundation for the classroom community while simultaneously learning talk structures and text protocols that will be repeated throughout the year. The units will integrate the instruction English Language Arts and Social Studies standards.

One Love Foundation

One Love Foundation logoThe One Love Foundation provides prevention education programs to young people ages 11+ through film and activity-based workshops and peer-to-peer discussions.

This project will create student-facing lesson plans that correspond to the following topics: 1) Engage in conversations about healthy and unhealthy relationships, 2) Practice healthy relationship behaviors, 3) Setting boundaries and practicing consent, 4) Help a friend who is in an unhealthy relationship, 5) Navigate breakups, and 6) Access resources. These lessons will provide activities and discussion questions and will be accessible and adaptable for grades 6-12, accommodating for the variety of ways schools will meet the increased requirement for comprehensive sexual health education. They may be used alone, together in a mini-unit, or integrated into a pre-existing unit of study.

Society of Health and Physical Educators--SHAPE Washington

SHAPE Washington logoThe Outdoor Education program will focus on getting young students outdoors, away from screens, to experience education through nature, while emphasizing movement and play. The goal is for schools to be able to integrate these units into their current curriculum with ease. Lessons will be flexible, with guidance for modifications for hybrid and virtual learning.

In addition to common outdoor activities, this program will integrate outdoor traditional Native American games, while being culturally responsible, to meet the needs of Washington State’s tribal communities and learners.

Units will be designed for two categories: at-school and in-nature. While the major emphasis of the Outdoor Ed program will be physical activity and fitness in the outdoor environment, curriculum will also integrate subjects such as social studies (history & geography), science and math.

Washington Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

Washington Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth LogoCurrently the unemployment rate for a deaf or hard of hearing adult is 50%. Deaf students graduate high school without the necessary skills to know what to do next. They are unaware of their rights as a deaf person under ADA and are also unaware of the resources available to them in the state.

This project will create instructional materials to implement a Deaf Pathways Program that establishes a mentoring program serving deaf and hard of hearing high school students where they can learn to navigate life after high school as a young deaf adult, regardless of communication choice or the use of technology.

Explore grantee efforts on the Washington OER Hub and Washington Hub Highlights.

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