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Attendance Resources & Materials

ESSER Attendance and Reengagement

OSPI supports attendance & reengagement through the ESSER Attendance & Reengagement Project. Find out more by reading the Attendance and Reengagement Project Explainer

Contact Information

Assistant Director of Attendance & Engagement

On this page, you will find tools for understanding your data, planning and assessment tools, information on attendance screeners, and various resources for communicating about attendance. 

For more Attendance Awareness resources, check out and join the Attendance Works 2022 Attendance Awareness Campaign!

  • Attendance Works offers excel tools that will easily produce reports that display the data listed above by simply importing your student-level data.
  • Strive for Five Attendance Tracker (Grandview). Consider creating something like this for your students and parents based on your school calendar. Help them track their attendance with ease!

These tools can help you understand factors in your school or community that may be impacting groups of students.