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Social Studies Cadre of Educators


Contact Information

Social Studies

Jerry Price

The Social Studies Cadre, established in 2010, consists of 35-40 educators (a minimum of three per ESD) who have both teaching experience and expertise in social studies education. The Cadre serves as a social studies teaching and advisory team for the state.

Philosophical Foundation

The Washington State Social Studies Cadre believes in the power of social studies to enrich student learning across disciplines and inspire lifelong civic-mindedness.

Purpose & Practices

The Cadre reviews and revises social studies resources and materials, specifically focusing on:

The Cadre delivers workshops at statewide conferences and through local or regional trainings for teachers that specifically target:

Note: OSPI does not compensate Cadre members for trainings other than those arranged by OSPI for statewide professional development. If Cadre members receive training requests from individual school districts or from regional partners, it is the responsibility of Cadre members and their schools or districts to negotiate these requests. If ESDs or individual districts request training support from Cadre members, they will be expected to negotiate compensation of the Cadre member for expenses such as preparation time, substitute coverage, mileage, meals, lodging, and materials costs.

District Name/Title School Level ESD Contact Info
Bellevue Tara Gray
K-12 121 425-456-6500
Edmonds Barbara Bromley Elementary 189
Everett Melissa Webster High 189 425-385-6177
Evergreen (Clark) Ryan Theodoriches
Central Office
K-12 112 360-604-4067
Federal Way Mary Schuldheisz
Private Schools
K-12 503-703-6675
Ferndale Chris Perkins High 189 360-383-9289
Longview Amy Johnson Middle 112 360-577-2700
Mead Trish Henry
K-12 EdTech and Media Specialist
K-12 101 509-465-6016
Mead Amy Staggs Middle 101 509-465-7400
Medical Lake Katharine Smith Elementary 101 509-565-3611
Mukilteo Sue Metzler K-12 189 425-366-5700
Oak Harbor Don Jenkins Middle 189 360-279-5528
Ocean Beach Kelly Jacobsen Middle 112 360-642-1234
Olympia Joshua Parker K-12 113 360-412-4411
Olympia Deidre Pleasant High 113 310-968-9933
Quillayute Valley Jody Quitadamo
Virtual Schools
K-12 866-800-0017
Rochester Eric Holmkvist Middle 113 360-273-5534
Selah Bryan Dibble K-12 105 509-698-8350
Sequim Nathalie Maynock Elementary 114 360-582-3300
Spokane Mara Bischoff High 101 509-354-6102
Sumner Nancy Lenihan Elementary 121 253-891-4500
Tonasket Julie Conkle Elementary 171 509-486-4933
Vancouver Jeffrey Brick High 112 360-604-3700
Walla Walla Public Schools Brad Ludwig Middle 123 509-527-3050
Walla Walla Public Schools Donnetta Elsasser K-12 123 509-526-2052
Walla Walla Public Schools William Plucker High 123 509-527-3020
Wapato Julie Byers Middle 105 509-877-2173
Wenatchee Brandon Harle High 171 509-663-8117
Yakima Katie Heary Elementary 105 509-573-5900
Yakima William Frazier High 105 509-573-2571