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Home » Student Success » Health & Safety » 2022 COVID-19 Student Survey » 2021 COVID-19 Student Survey Results

2021 COVID-19 Student Survey Results

Dr. Kilmer's presentation of 2021 Survey Results
Contact Information

For data access and general information questions, contact Dixie Grunenfelder

The COVID-19 Student Survey was created, as a joint effort between the University of Washington (UW) and OSPI, as a needs assessment to collect information about student thoughts, feelings, and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of the survey are helpful for teachers, school leaders, parents, and community members.

Building level reports were sent to principals and superintendents in June 2021. School-level results will only be sent to the school principal and district superintendent. All statewide results for the Survey can be found on this page. If a principal or superintendent needs an additional copy of their results, please contact Emily Maughan.

Review the 2021 COVID-19 Student Survey results today!

School district superintendents may share the results with others in their district whom they choose to, but in order to maintain the security of the data, COVID-19 Student Survey administrators do not have the ability to and will not share the results with anyone but the principal and superintendent. If local community partners or coalitions want access to the data they should get written permission from the school district superintendent to access it.

2021 Survey Results

The decision to participate in this survey was left up to each school. All students in eligible grades were invited to participate, but that does not mean that every student did. Therefore, this is a convenience sample and is not intended to be generalizable to the state population. Reported survey findings represent only the students who took the survey.