In accordance with the Governor’s Proclamation 20-25, “Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” and to protect the health and safety of Washingtonians and our employees, at this time, there is restricted public access to the OSPI building. OSPI will continue serving the public via phone, email, and the website.

See OSPI’s COVID-19 guidance and resources for educators, students, and families.

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OSPI Public Records Request

Temporary Changes to Public Records Procedures

In accordance with the Governor’s Proclamation 20-28.14, rules concerning RCW 42.56, the Public Records Act, that require any activity that occurs in an in-person setting have been waived or suspended to prevent further spread of the virus. Additionally, the 5 day response required by RCW 42.56.520(1) has been waived for items not received electronically.

Contact Information

Public Records


OSPI follows the Public Records Act regarding disclosure of our public records. OSPI rules about processing public records requests are found under WAC 392-105.

OSPI does not maintain:

OSPI does maintain:

  • Complaints and Investigations:
  • Lists of individuals (employees, teachers, etc.): RCW 42.56.070(8) prohibits providing lists of individuals requested for commercial purposes. Complete the Commercial Purposes form when requesting lists of individuals.
  • Educator Certificates: official certificates are available online through the E-Certification profile. To verify educator certification, send an email to the Certification Office and allow 10 business days for a response.
  • Data about districts, schools, and students: the Washington State Report Card has a number of tools to search demographics, student performance, and financing. If you do not find the data you are looking for, you may request Data Sharing with OSPI.
  • Fingerprint and Background Records: contact the Fingerprint Records office by email to request a copy of your records or visit the Fingerprint site for more information.

Public Records Request

If you do not find the information you seek on our website, you may request the record(s). Requests for public records must be in writing and should include the following:

  • Date and time of the request (emails include this automatically)
  • Requestor's contact information to send communications and responsive records (only one source is needed: email address, mailing address, or fax)
  • A reasonable description of the requested records
  • The preferred format for receiving the records (inspection, hardcopy, electronic)

Submitting A Request

Public Records Requests can be submitted to OSPI using any of the following options:

  • Online (preferred) Electronic Request Form
  • Email your request to Public Records
  • Mail your request to
    • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
      Attn: Public Records Officer
      Old Capitol Building, 600 S. Washington
      PO Box 47200
      Olympia, WA 98504-7200
  • Fax your request to 360-753-4201
  • In person (in person review suspended by Proclamation 20-28.14)
    • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
      600 Washington St. SE
      Olympia, WA 98504-7200
    • Get driving directions

Frequently Asked Questions

Within five business days OSPI's Public Records Office will:

  • Provide the records or a link to the records, and/or
  • Acknowledge receipt of request and give a timetable for delivery, and/or
  • Ask for clarification, and/or
  • Deny the request and provide a reason for the denial.

OSPI will produce all responsive records unless the records fall within specific exemptions. Exemptions are the laws and statutes which excludes specific information or records from disclosure. If the records requested fall under an exemption, they may be redacted, or the request can be either fully or partially denied. With every redaction and/or denial OSPI will cite the appropriate exemption. If the records contain redactions, OSPI will provide a copy of OSPI's Public Records Exemptions which is a guide to understanding the redactions.

RCW 42.56.070(8) prohibits OSPI from providing access to lists of individuals requested for commercial purposes. If you request a list of individuals, OSPI may require you complete a form declaring the records will not be used for any form of business activity intended to generate revenue or financial benefit.

There may be fees associated with your request. If your request has associated fees, the Public Records Office will contact you for approval to process the request. OSPI will not produce any records until we receive necessary payment. In accordance with RCW 42.56.120 and WAC 392-105-060, OSPI fee schedule is as follows:

  • Digitizing Hardcopy Files: $0.10 per page
  • Electronic Documents: $0.05 per every four electronic files and/or email
  • Photocopies: $0.15 per page
  • Postage and Media: Based on actual costs incurred by agency
  • Transmission of electronic records: $0.10 per gigabyte

*A 10% deposit may be required per RCW 42.56.120

If OSPI denies your public records request, you may request a review of the denial. To request a review:

  • Make your request in writing. In your request to review the denial:
    • Include your public records log number
    • Include a copy of or reasonably identify the written statement by the public records officer or designee denying the request
  • Submit your written request to OSPI's Public Records Office using any one of the following:
    • Email your request to Public Records.
    • Mail your request to the following:
      • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
        Attn: Public Records Officer
        Old Capitol Building, 600 S. Washington
        PO Box 47200
        Olympia, WA 98504-7200
    • Fax your request to 360-753-4201
    • Deliver your request in person to:
      • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
        600 Washington St. SE
        Olympia, WA 98504-7200
        Get driving directions