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English Language Proficiency Screeners

Can Do Descriptors

Can Do Descriptors are available by grade level on the WIDA website.

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In 2021 OSPI joined the WIDA Consortium. With membership  This is an online assessment of a student's English language knowledge and skills. The WIDA screeners are the assessments used to determine initial eligibility for English language development services. The WIDA Online screener is a semi-adaptive online assessment administered to almost all potential English learners in grades 1-12 when they first enroll. The Kindergarten Screener is a 1-1 tests administration that is not online and is available only to students in Kindergarten who are potentially eligible for English language development services at school. All students who take a WIDA screener test must test on grade level. The tests are available to administer for the entire school year.

Preparing to Screen Students

Screener Training

  • Training for test administrators is available on the WIDA Secure Portal. District assessment coordinators can provide district employees with WIDA Secure Portal access and access to the Online and Kindergarten Screener trainings. All test administrators must be trained prior to administering a WIDA Screener Test.
  • Kindergarten Screener: The Kindergarten Screener is administered 1-to-1. Test administrators score all components of this test locally. 
  • Online Screener: The Online Screener is for students in grades 1-12. Test administrators must complete grade level or grade band training prior to administering the test. The writing and speaking sections of the test are scored locally. The writing test can be scored asynchronously. 
  • District Assessment Coordinators can monitor training completion through the WIDA Secure Portal.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for English language development (ELD) services is determined by a student's domain scores and overall score on the WIDA Screener assessment each student takes. Students must meet the minimum score in all four domains and the overall composite score to be determined ineligible for services. If a student would qualify for a domain exemption and meets all other criteria for being ineligible for services, please contact OSPI for guidance.  

Grade Level Minimum Domain Score Minimum Composite Score
Kindergarten (through December 31) 5 (listening and speaking) 5 (oral language)
Kindergarten (beginning January 1) and Grade 1 4 (all domains) 4.5 (overall)
Grades 2 through 12 4 (all domains) 5 (overall)


Additional testing resources can be found on the WIDA Secure Portal including the:

  • Test Administrator Manual (TAM)
  • Screener Training Modules
  • Professional Learning Modules