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Home » Student Success » Learning Standards & Instructional Materials » Reporting Instruction and Assessment

Reporting Instruction and Assessment

Elementary, middle, and high schools are required to have assessments or other strategies in place for students to learn essential academic learning requirements in Social Studies, The Arts, Health and Fitness, and Educational Technology. Additionally, students in the fourth or fifth grade, seventh or eighth grade, and the eleventh or twelfth grade must complete at least one OSPI-developed Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA), or district supported alternative, in civics.

To show implementation of these assessments, school districts are required to submit an annual implementation verification report to OSPI.

2021-22 Assessment Verification

The 2021-22 assessment surveys for RCW 28A.230.095 and RCW 28A.655.075 are open online for districts to begin entering information for this school year and must be submitted no later than June 30, 2022. Reporting materials have been streamlined into one survey to ease the reporting process for districts.

Collect & Report Data

  1. Collect responses for each question before starting the survey online using the Verification Report Template for 2021-2022 SY.
  2. Once all information is collected, designate one district representative to complete OSPI's 2021–22 Instruction Assessment Reporting survey.
  3. A confirmation of submission will be sent to the district representative who completes each survey.
  4. All instruction and assessment reporting for the 2021–22 school year must be submitted by June 30.