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Home » Student Success » Support Programs » Student Discipline » Equity in Student Discipline

Equity in Student Discipline

Contact Us

For questions regarding student discipline laws and best practices for behavior:
Joshua Lynch, Student Discipline Program Supervisor

For questions regarding discrimination in discipline:
Equity and Civil Rights Office
TTY: 360-664-3631

According to state and national data, in many school districts, male students, students of color, and students with disabilities are suspended and expelled more frequently than other students. These trends warrant serious attention from school districts, as well as OSPI, to work toward equitable opportunities and outcomes for each and every student.

OSPI has embarked on a major initiative to address disparities and improve equity in student discipline across Washington state. OSPI is available to help schools and communities use data to identify disparities, implement evidence-based practices that improve equity in discipline while keeping students in school, and protect the civil rights of each student. As this project progresses, OSPI will continue to share resources and tools to assist schools with their student discipline efforts.