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Home » Certification » Professional Certification Fee Schedule

Professional Certification Fee Schedule


Certificate Type Total Fee
Adding an Endorsement $54 (+ $15 for each additional endorsement)
Conditional Teacher Certificate $49
Continuing Teacher Renewal $39
CTE Teacher Certificate $40
Emergency Sub Certificate $49
Intern Substitute Certificate $44
Professional Teacher $64
Professional Teacher Renewal $64
Residency Teacher $74
Residency Reissue $39
2-year Residency Renewal $49
Substitute Teacher $54
Transitional Teacher $49
5-year Residency Renewal Teacher $64


Certificate Type Total Fee
5-year Residency Administrator Renewal $64
Conditional Administrator (Principals Only) $49
Continuing Administrator (per role)Continuing Administrator (per role) $109
Continuing Administrator Renewal (per role) $39
Initial Administrator (Superintendent Only) $74
Professional Administrator $64
Residency Principal or Program Administrator (per role) $74
Residency Administrator Reissue $39
Substitute Administrator Certificate $54


Certificate Type Total Fee
Advanced Paraeducator $54
English Language Learner Subject Matter $54
General Paraeducator $74
Special Education Subject Matter $54

Educational Staff Associates

Certificate Type Total Fee
Initial ESA (per role) $64
Residency ESA (per role) $74
Conditional ESA $49
Continuing ESA (per role) $109
Continuing ESA Renewal $39
Professional ESA (per role) $64
2-year Residency Renewal (per role) $49
5-year Residency ESA Renewal (per role) $64
Professional ESA Renewal (per role) $64
ESA Residency Reissuance $39
Substitute ESA $54
Transitional ESA $49