OSPI Closed Today, July 13

Due to the ongoing fight to reduce the impacts of COVID-19, the budget impacts of the pandemic, and the recent directive by Governor Inslee to reduce employee work hours as a cost savings measure, OSPI is closed and all staff are on mandatory furlough today. Employees will respond to inquiries as quickly as possible when the agency reopens on July 14.

See OSPI’s COVID-19 guidance and resources for educators, students, and families.

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School Apportionment Staff

Michelle Matakas, Director, School Apportionment and Financial Services, 360-725-6019.

Michelle can also be contacted regarding the following:

  • Policy / Forecasting Models
  • Special Education Funding
  • All other SAFS concerns & questions

For questions related to a specific topic, refer to the contact information below.

  • Accounting Manual for Educational Service Districts
  • Accounting Manual for School Districts

Paul Stone, Supervisor, School District and ESD Accounting, 360-725-6303.

  • Apportionment Payments
  • Basic Education Funding
  • Bilingual Funding
  • Highly Capable Funding
  • Learning Assistance Funding
  • Levy Authority and Assistance
  • Special Education Funding
  • Voc-Technical Education Funding
  • Applicable Forms Include: F-203

Melissa Jarmon, Supervisor, Apportionment Payments, Basic Ed Funding, 360-725-6307.

  • Apportionment Advances
  • Apportionment Transfers
  • Budget Extensions
  • Budget Reviews
  • Budget Rules
  • Applicable Forms Include: F-195, F-195F, F-197, F-198, F-200, F-206, and F-269

Mike Dooley, CSBO, WMS, Supervisor School District & ESD Budgeting, 360-725-6305.

  • Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Funding
  • College in the High School Subsidies
  • Direct Funded Technical College Funding
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Home/Hospital
  • Impact Aid
  • Institutional Ed Funding
  • Non High Bills
  • Open Doors Funding
  • Running Start Funding
  • Applicable Forms Include:  E525, E672, P213, P223 and P223H

Becky McLean, Supervisor, Enrollment Reporting and Categorical Funding, 360-725-6306.

  • Indirect Cost Rates
  • Year-End Reporting
  • Applicable Forms Include: F-196 and F-185

Ralph Fortunato, Supervisor, School District and ESD Financial Reporting, 360-725-6304.

  • Certificated Instruction Staff for K-12 Ratios
  • LEAP Data
  • Personnel Reporting
  • Applicable Forms Include: S-275, 11581160, and 1801

Ross Bunda, Supervisor Personnel Reporting, 360-725-6308.

  • Becky Dillon, Administrative Assistant, 360-725-6300.
  • Vicky Dyer, Data Analyst, 360-725-6302.
    • Federal Allocations
    • Report Card
  • Eileen Frimberger, Program Manager, 360-725-6312.
    • Engrossed House Bill 2242
    • SAFS Website Coordinator
  • Mike Sando, Charter School Engagement Supervisor, 360-725-6292
    • Charter School Fiscal Reporting
    • Liaison between Charter Schools, OSPI and the Charter School Commission

School Apportionment & Financial Services
Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
Phone: 360-725-6300  Fax: 360-664-3683  TDD: 360-664-3631