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Home » Policy & Funding » School Apportionment » School Apportionment Staff

School Apportionment Staff

School Apportionment Address

School Apportionment & Financial Services
Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
Phone: 360-725-6300
TDD: 360-664-3631

For questions related to a specific topic, refer to the contact information below.

Michelle Matakas, Director, School Apportionment and Financial Services, 360-725-6019.

Michelle can also be contacted regarding the following:

  • Policy/Forecasting Models
  • Special Education Funding
  • All other SAFS concerns & questions

Melissa Jarmon, Associate Director, School Apportionment and Financial Services, 360-725-6307.

Contact Information

  • Accounting Manual for Educational Service Districts
  • Accounting Manual for School Districts

Paul Stone, Supervisor, School District and ESD Accounting, 360-725-6303.

  • Apportionment Payments
  • Basic Education Funding
  • Bilingual Funding
  • Highly Capable Funding
  • Learning Assistance Funding
  • Levy Authority and Assistance
  • Special Education Funding
  • Voc-Technical Education Funding
  • Applicable Forms Include: F-203

Tricia Nicholas, Supervisor, Apportionment Payments, Basic Ed Funding, 360-725-6307. 

  • Apportionment Advances
  • Apportionment Transfers
  • Budget Extensions
  • Budget Reviews
  • Budget Rules
  • Applicable Forms Include: F-195, F-195F, F-197, F-198, F-200, F-206, and F-269

Lee Wlazlak, Supervisor, School District & ESD Budgeting, 360-725-6305.

  • Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Funding
  • College in the High School Subsidies
  • Direct Funded Technical College Funding
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Home/Hospital
  • Impact Aid
  • Institutional Ed Funding
  • Non High Bills
  • Open Doors Funding
  • Running Start Funding
  • Applicable Forms Include:  E525, E672, P213, P223 and P223H

Becky McLean, Supervisor, Enrollment Reporting and Categorical Funding, 360-725-6306.

  • Indirect Cost Rates
  • Year-End Reporting
  • Applicable Forms Include: F-196 and F-185

Mike Sando, Supervisor, School District and ESD Financial Reporting, 360-725-6304.

  • Certificated Instruction Staff for K-12 Ratios
  • LEAP Data
  • Personnel Reporting
  • Applicable Forms Include: S-275, 11581160, and 1801

Ross Bunda, Supervisor Personnel Reporting, 360-725-6308

  • Gideon Belmaker, Data Analyst, 360-725-6312
    • Federal Allocations
    • Report Card
  • Marla Conwell, Charter School Engagement Supervisor, 360-725-6302
    • Charter School Fiscal Reporting
    • Liaison between Charter Schools, OSPI and the Charter School Commission