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Featured Instructional Strategy

My Favorite kNOw

In this 5-10 minute routine, students answer a question and analyze incorrect answers. The teacher quickly assesses how many students grasp the concept and what causes misunderstanding. Students engage in Mathematical Practice 3: critiquing the reasoning of others. 

K–12 Math Updates

Bridge to College

Read Bulletin 005-20 for expectations for districts interested in offering Bridge to College courses.

Modeling Our World With Mathematics

Modeling Our World With Mathematics has new materials available!

Educator Resources

View OSPI's K-12 Math Progression Documents in the Menu of K-12 Math Resources

Contact Information

K-12 Mathematics

Arlene Crum
Director of K-12 Mathematics

Welcome to K-12 Math!

Today’s mathematics calls for more than memorization of facts and formulas.  Students need to be able to analyze and interpret, reason and model, and to use a variety of problem solving strategies.  Our learning standards offer a connected structure to build fluency through conceptual understanding and to develop mathematical reasoning.  All of this occurs within a growth mindset that builds on the belief that all students are able to achieve in mathematics.

Within our classrooms, each student has strengths and cultural knowledge that support the classroom learning environment.  To ensure learning for all students, we must broaden our understanding to break down barriers, build a supportive culture and offer equitable access to opportunities for growth.

Family Resources

Information and resources regarding mathematics credits, requirements, K-12 Learning Standards, and materials to support communication with families.

Educator Resources

Resources for teachers and districts, including instructional materials and course supports.

Mathematics K–12 Learning Standards

Resources about the Washington K-12 Mathematics Learning Standards.


Resources about testing standards and the assessment system.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Resources to support professional learning, professional development opportunities, instructional materials, and classroom instructional supports.

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