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Rulemaking and Public Comment

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Special Education


The Special Education Section posts notices of any rulemaking activities or public comment opportunities that are specific to state special education.

We invite and encourage participation in the rule making process either through providing written comment or providing public comment, when public hearings are scheduled. Your written or public comments regarding proposed rules improve our efforts in developing final rules.

Rulemaking Activity

CR-101 Pre-Proposal Statements

392-172A, 392-173, 392-140-601 thru -685: OSPI is considering amending and/or adding new sections to current special education rules to: (1) address changes to federal law and requirements; (2) clarify existing requirements under current state law that impact the free appropriate public education (FAPE) of students eligible for special education services, including new requirements under ESHB 1130 (2019); and (3) make housekeeping changes to correct typographical errors, reorganize WACs for ease of reference, and make other rule changes that are technical in nature.

For more information, visit the OSPI Rulemaking web page.