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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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Career & Technical Education


Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs in Washington are aligned with rigorous industry and academic standards. Teachers participate in meaningful professional development on curricula and instruction, standards and assessment, and academic integration.


CTE is at the forefront of innovation in education in Washington. Program partnerships and advisories communicate this vision with business and industry partners.

Frameworks, Career Cluster, & Pathways

Each year, thousands of CTE students graduate from high school with career goals, job skills and leadership skills knowing exactly where they will go next to further their academic and hands-on education and training. Find your passion and become one of those students! Learn how to prepare for your future in our CTE Pathways & Frameworks section.


Find a compiled list of resources like course and program approval charts, leadership templates, toolkits, and more!

CTE Graduation Pathway


Get contact information for the CTE team at OSPI.