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Digital Equity and Inclusion Grant

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Contact Information

KC Merchant he/him
Digital Equity & Inclusion Program Supervisor

OSPI recognizes that not every classroom or student has access to a high-speed Internet connection and other up-to-date teaching and learning technologies.

An essential part of implementing OSPI’s educational technology standards is advocating for sufficient funding for all districts to help close opportunity gaps related to educational technology. Through the legislative support of House Bill 1365, OSPI will soon provide grants focused on digital equity and inclusion to support these standards. (Anticipated late December 2021 or beginning of January 2022).

Digital Equity & Inclusion Grants

Digital equity and inclusion grants are available for fiscal years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. Timelines and deadlines are posted in the grant support documents. 

These grants aim to:

  • Support digital learning environments
  • Grow and support 1:1 device programs
  • Provide access to training in inclusionary practices
  • Support English Language Learners and Special Education with adaptive technologies
  • Support students in accessing high-quality learning environments without physical limitations
  • Provide sustainability by creating frameworks, allowing for more staffing and professional development for equity and inclusionary practices

Eligible Applicants

  • Washington State public, charter, and tribal compact schools.
  • Washington State School districts.
  • Education Service districts serving Washington State.
  • Washington Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth.
  • Washington State School for the Blind.


Applications are only accepted using the iGrants system, FP188 (Form Package 188). You must log into iGrants to access and submit an application.

Grant Webinars

Information Sessions:

Grant support: