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Currently Meeting Workgroups


Accounting Manual Committee

The School District Accounting Advisory Committee (SDAAC) has been meeting since 1964, and advises the offices of OSPI and State Auditor on school district accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and related matters."

Bilingual Education Advisory Committee

The Bilingual Education Advisory Committee (BEAC) supports bilingual education and its related services through the Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program to help educators and families meet the unique needs of students whose primary language is other than English.
Legislation: RCW 28A.180

Committee of Practitioners (COP), Title I, Part A

The Title I/LAP Committee of Practitioners is an advisory body to OSPI that reviews any state rules, regulations and policies relating to Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to ensure they conform to the purposes of Title I.
Legislation: NCLB Section 1903(b) Committee of Practitioners

Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee

Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee was created during the 2009 Legislature to continue to address the achievement gap in Washington state.
Legislation: Second Substitute Senate Bill 5973

Educator Workforce Development Workgroup

The Educator Workforce Development Workgroup oversees the implementation of the state Equity Plan, the implementation of the recent teacher shortage bill, and educator workforce development under the Title II, Part A section of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
Legislation: E2SSB 6455

GATE Partnership Advisory Committee

The GATE Partnership Advisory Committee is a broad base of youth and family serving agencies and organizations that meets quarterly to provide a wide lens of input on specific goals and topics related to the development and implementation of a dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement system across cradle to career milestones.
Legislation: ESSB 6403

Integrated Student Supports Workgroup

The Integrated Student Supports Workgroup is charged with developing policy recommendations for the implementation of a statewide integrated student supports system.
Legislation: Fourth Substitute House Bill 1541

K-12 Data Governance Workgroup

The K–12 Data Governance Workgroup oversees the development and implementation of a K–12 education data system for financial, student and educator data, and is meant to serve requirements for teachers, parents, superintendents, school boards, the legislature, and the public.
Legislation: HB 2261 - 2009-10

Online Learning Advisory Committee

Members of the committee assist OSPI by providing advice regarding the online provider approval criteria, the model school district policy, and other matters related to the Digital Learning Department website.
Legislation: RCW 28A.250.020

Salary Grid Workgroup

EHB 2242 Sec. 905 requires OSPI to convene and facilitate a stakeholder technical working group to develop a model salary grid for school district use in developing locally determined compensation plans for certificated instructional staff.
Legislation: Engrossed House Bill 2242 Sec. 107

School Day Task Force

The School Day Task Force was created in 2018 to make recommendations to define the duties and responsibilities that entail a "school day" under the state's statutory program of basic education.
Legislation: E2SSB 6362 Sec. 209

School Facilities Advisory Groups

School Facilities operates two advisory groups: the Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP), which maintains citizen oversight of facilities planning and funding, and the Technical Advsiory Committee (TAC), which provides enhanced technical advice to OSPI on construction and facilites issues.

School Safety Advisory Committee Meetings

The School Safety Advisory Committee advises OSPI and supports and assists in the implementation of the work of the Washington State School Safety Center, as well as support the efforts for increased academic achievement by students.

Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks Workgroup

The 2015 Operational Budget, ESSB 6052 Sec. 501 (34) directed OSPI to convene a workgroup to recommend comprehensive benchmarks for developmentally appropriate interpersonal and decision-making knowledge and skills of social and emotional learning for grades kindergarten through high school that build upon what is being done in early learning.
Legislation: ESSB 6052 Sec 501 (34)

Social Emotional Learning Indicators Workgroup

The 2017 Operational Budget, ESSB 5883 Sec. 501 (31) directed OSPI to convene a workgroup to build upon the work of the social emotional learning benchmarks work group established under section 501(34), chapter 4, Laws of 2015 3rd sp. sess. The work group must identify and articulate developmental indicators for each grade level for each of the social emotional learning benchmarks, solicit feedback from stakeholders, and develop a model of best practices or guidance for schools on implementing the benchmarks and indicators.
Legislation: ESSB 5883, Sec 501 (31)

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) advises on matters pertaining to the provision of special education and related services.
Legislation: WAC 392-172A-07060

Staffing Enrichment WorkGroup

Legislation passed in 2018 directs the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to convene a technical workgroup, which must include representatives of diverse school districts and education stakeholders, to review the staffing enrichments to the program of basic education detailed in section 904 of EHB 2242. Final recommendations from the workgroup are due to the education policy and operating budget committees of the legislature by December 1, 2019.

Legislation: (Sections 903–905 of EHB 2242)

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP) Steering Committee

Since its inception, TPEP has been a cooperative effort with the participation of key stakeholder groups along the way.
Legislation: RCW 28A.405.100 through 28A.405.140

Washington State Advisory Committee for Gifted Education

The Washington State Advisory Committee for Gifted Education advises OSPI on matters related to the K-12 education of Highly Capable students, the advisory committee prioritizes identification, program services, and professional development.

Washington State Dyslexia Advisory Council

The Washington state Dyslexia Advisory Council identifies tools and resources that help in screening for dyslexia, as well as recommendations on best practices for implementing the screenings.
Legislation: SB 6162