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Home » Policy & Funding » Special Education » Applying for Safety Net Funding

Applying for Safety Net Funding

Application Deadlines
State Oversight Committee Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates

  • Conditional Award Meeting: June 17-18, 2020, location TBD
  • Final Verification Meeting: August 12, 2020, location TBD
Safety Net Materials
Contact Information


Safety net funding is available to school districts with a demonstrated capacity for Special Education funding in excess of state and federal funding otherwise provided. The Safety Net Funding Bulletin discusses allocated funding, the application process, trainings, deadlines, committee members, and more!

Application Forms

Please note: Districts impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) may request a deadline extension. Submit the deadline extension request to amber.odonnell@k12.wa.us by March 11, 2020.

Worksheet A

Updates to Worksheet A


  • Worksheet A reposted to fix the lookups to the 2019–20 budget resource data for revenues available to the district were updated. Some of fields in this section had incorrect cell references and were pulling data from the wrong place.


  • Worksheet A reposted with 2018-19 F-196 (year-end) data.
Please note, supplemental contract amounts for 2019-20 have not been added to the Worksheet A. Applicants should fill this information in when completing the worksheet. Please be aware that the original allocation amounts are included in the worksheet as adjustments to the allocations are not yet available. LEAs should plan to submit with original allocation amounts and OSPI will revise those amounts during the Safety Net review.

High-Need Individuals

Updates to Worksheet C
  • On the Start Here tab, the word served was replaced with enrolled in calendar grids.
  • Adaptive PE (APE) teacher and Contracted Teacher added as position options under Other Contracted staff.
Please note, if you have already completed worksheets, you do not need to complete again on this revised worksheet.


Community Impact

Safety Net Certification

  • Certification-Must complete for both High-Need Individuals and Community Impact Safety Net funding.
  • Individuals Summary-Must complete for High-Need Individuals only.

Submitting Applications

Applications are submitted via a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site. There are many versions of this type of software, but OSPI recomments the free version of CoreFTP. Work with your LEA's IT department to install this software. Contact Safety Net to set up an SFTP account if you do not already have one.

Training Materials

Please note: Some of these examples include redacted IEP matrices that were provided by a local district. We are in no way endorsing how information is reported on the matrices, but merely using the example to show how we would report the information on Worksheet C.

Past Application Summaries

Safety Net Rule Revision