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Graduation Pathways Toolkit

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Graduation & Pathway Preparation

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The NEW Class of 2022 Graduation Pathways Toolkit (English)  is a comprehensive resource to help student support staff and educators understand state graduation requirements. Each year, a toolkit is published that includes any updates to graduation requirements stemming from changes in policy and best practices for supporting each and every student. School districts should ensure all key personnel are aware of the NEW Class of 2022 Graduation Pathways Toolkit.

The toolkit includes information about the following:

  • State graduation requirements (HSBP, credits, graduation pathways)
    • Including additional statutory flexibility for unique student populations and issues related to transcripts
  • Graduation Pathways Quick Reference Handout
  • Graduation requirement appeals and waivers
  • Including rules for the 2021-22 Graduation Requirement Emergency Waiver (GREW)Graduation ceremonies
  • Options for students needing more time to meet graduation requirements
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment scores and Washington public colleges' placement agreements
  • Resources and abbreviations

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