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Code of Professional Conduct

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The code of professional conduct is codified by the Washington State Legislature in WACs and RCWs. Please use this page to link to the complete rules and regulations.

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WAC Sections

Chapter 181-87 WAC
Professional certification - acts of unprofessional conduct

Chapter 181-86 WAC
Professional certification - policies and procedures for administration of certification proceedings

  • WAC 181-86-013 Good moral character and personal fitness - definition
  • WAC 181-86-014 Good moral character and personal fitness - continuing requirement

RCW Sections

RCW 28A.410.090
Revocation or suspension of certificate or permit to teach - Criminal basis - Complaints - Investigation - Process

RCW 26.44.030
Abuse of Children - Reports - Duty and authority to make - Duty of receiving agency - Duty to notify - Case planning and consultation - Penalty for unauthorized exchange of information - Filing dependency petitions - Investigations - Interviews of children - Records - Risk assessment process.

RCW 28A.400.317
Physical abuse or sexual misconduct by school employees - Duty to report - Training.

How to File a Complaint Against a Certificated Educator