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Education of Homeless Children and Youth

Resources for Educators

Improving Educational Outcomes for Homeless Students in Washington
One of the key provisions of the McKinney-Vento Act is that every school district must appoint a local Education of Homeless Children and Youth liaison. The local liaison is key to the implementation of the law. Getting the right person for the position will enable homeless children and youth to receive all protections and services necessary for them to succeed in school. OSPI is committed to ensuring that every district has the most qualified person serving as the local liaison.

Designating a Local Education of Homeless Children and Youth Liaison

Designating a Local Education of Homeless Children and Youth Liaison: A Guide for School District Administrators in Washington (PDF, 15 pages)

  • Responsibilities of the Local Liaison
  • Traits of a Successful Liaison
  • Role Groups to Consider for the Position of Local Liaison
  • A Process for Designating a Local Liaison
  • Creating the Foundation for Success
  • Summary Key Points for Selected Local Liaisons
  • References
  • Appendices

U.S. Department of Education Fact Sheet: Educational Services for Immigrant Children and Those Recently Arrived to the United States

When Natural Disasters Result in Homelessness: What School Districts Need to Know

Sample Request for Transportation Form

March 2014 USDE Letter - Title I and Education of Homeless Children and Youth

OSPI Title I Website

National Center for Homeless Education

School Selection: A Checklist for Decision Making

Amanda Goes To School: An Educator's Guide for Responding to the Rights and Needs of Homeless Students in Washington State

Sample Letter to Parent/Guardian: Exiting Homeless Student at End of Year

Sample Needs Assessment 1

Sample Needs Assessment 2

Sample Housing Questionnaire 1 | Spanish

Sample Intake Form | Spanish

Sample Child Find Screening | Spanish

FAQs on the Educational Rights of Children and Youth in Homeless Situations

Student Rights

Dispute Resolution
The following procedures are specified in McKinney-Vento and further explained in OSPI’s Dispute Resolution Process | Spanish.

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