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Migrant/Bilingual Education

Districts — Translated Materials for Bilingual Education Programs

List of Languages
Open our List of Languages and have family members point to their language.

Eligibility for English Language Acquisition Services

    Home Language Survey
    Find out whether a student should take the ELPA21 screener. Available in 37 languages. Pay Special Attention to Questions 2 and 3. The response — a language other than English — prompts placement testing and the potential need for language acquisition services.

Notification Letters to Parents — Templates

Learning English in Washington Schools

New Infographics! Learning English in Washington Schools.
Knowing and using English well is necessary for success in school. This infographic shows how schools and parents play important roles in helping students who need additional help learning English get the assistance they need.

English 8.5x11 11x17 | Spanish 8.5x11 11x17 | Other Languages

Speak Your Language! Bilingualism is a skill and asset

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ELL Program Family Survey (Multiple-Choice)
Districts can use this survey as a tool to include families in the evaluation of their ELL programs. The multiple-choice version of the survey is best used when families complete it individually with responses that are easily tabulated into a table or chart.
Available in 36 languages! English | Spanish | Other Languages

ELL Program Family Survey (Open-ended Questions)
Districts can use this survey as a tool to include families in the evaluation of their ELL programs. The open-ended version of the survey is best used when a staff member can ask the questions personally or when the district has staff that can translate responses written in other languages to English.
Available in 36 languages! English | Spanish | Other Languages

Home Visits
Home visits are an effective stra​tegy of engaging students and families on a personal level to strengthen relationships and support academic progress. If you are interested in setting up home visits, these templates allow you to personalize an invitation to parents in both English and their home language. Although “home visits” are generally conducted in students’ homes, the visit can take place anywhere that is convenient for everyone involved.
Available in 36 languages!

Title III — Equitable Services for Private Schools
Title III Consultation Form for Private Schools
The students, parent/guardians and educators of non-profit, private and religiously-affiliated schools — approved by the Washington State Board of Education — are eligible for benefits provided through the federal Title III program. Districts can use this form to document the consultation process with private schools.

Reclassification Support Tools
A school district’s monitoring of an exited EL student may indicate that a persistent language barrier is the cause of an academic difficulty. Prior to re-assessing the student, school districts should document the bases for rescreening and the parents’ consent to rescreening.​ Use the tools below when considering whether a student needs to be rescreened on the state's screener for English learner eligibility.








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