Student Discipline
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Student Discipline

In 2013, the state legislature made substantial changes to the laws that govern student discipline. These modifications mean that districts must follow new requirements that impact how districts and schools work with students who are subject to exclusionary discipline.

Changes to state law also mandated changes to the rules that impact suspension and expulsion, and created new requirements that relate to due process and reengagement. In turn, these changes demanded revisions and clarifications within the Washington Administrative Code — WAC 392-400.

New Rules Around Student Discipline
The new rules clarify, streamline and bring up-to-date the WACs related to discipline and due process, and align state rules with state law.

In the Concise, Explanatory Statement, Chapter 392-400 WAC Pupils, Summary of rulemaking and response to comments, learn more about the rulemaking process and its results.

  1. Purpose of a Concise Explanatory Statement
  2. Reasons for Adopting the Rule
  3. Differences Between the Proposed Rule and the Adopted Rule
  4. Response to Written and Oral Comments
  5. Final Amended Version of Chapter 392-400 WAC

Print the full Concise, Explanatory Statement.


Public Hearing, May 5, 2014
Listen to the full hearing (MP3)

Basics of Student Discipline
Slides from Changing the Way We Discipline in Washington State

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