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Mathematics Assessment

What's New!
  • For information about the status of state tests for spring 2021, timelines, and administration windows, please visit the Timelines & Calendar page.
  • Tools for Teachers and the Smarter Balanced Reporting System are new for the 2020-21 school year. Find out more on the OSPI Smarter Balanced page. 

Contact Information

Assessment Development Math

Serena O'Neill

Welcome to Math Assessment! The formative assessment process is a critical element of informed instruction, and making the appropriate next steps in instruction. OSPI Math Assessment offers opportunities throughout the year to support the formative assessment process in the classroom, and provide professional development for educators related to the assessment. Be on the lookout for these when they are posted to the Math Assessment site, and feel free to reach out with your assessment questions.

Spring SETC Math Webinars

The Special Education Technology Center (SETC) is hosting a collection of webinars this spring for math educators focusing on accessibility with online math resources. The topics covered include:

These will cover various ways to use each, including in remote learning environments. There is a host of other webinar opportunities available through SETC including book studies and PLC opportunities. Check out the SETC Winter-Spring 2021 schedule to learn more and register for different events! 

Washington State Testing Portal

This portal provides a variety of resources for Washington State testing for test administrators, educators, and parents, including practice and training tests, interim assessments, a Q&A, and more.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Washington State is a member of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Calculator Policy

This page describes the calculator policy as a Universal Tool for the paper-pencil Smarter Balanced Mathematics assessments and the paper-pencil Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS).

Assessment Claims

These presentations provide information on the claim structure of the Smarter Balanced assessments and specific information about each claim.* 

*Speaker notes can only be viewed after downloading this file. After opening the downloaded PDF, go to View>Tools>Comment>Open.  A list of notes will open on the right side of the screen.  You can also hover or click on the small note icon in the upper left corner of each slide.

Assessment Resources by Grade

For each grade level listed, teachers should be familiar with the following resources.
Definitions for each resource are given below:


For each grade level listed, teachers should be familiar with the following resources:

  • Standards - Grade-specific extracts of the high-quality academic standards in mathematics. These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade.
  • Cluster Quizzes - Paper-pencil quizzes aligned to selected clusters, conceptual categories, and the Claim Distribution document. May be modified and used to supplement the interim assessment blocks (IABs).
  • Progression Documents and Critical Questions - Descriptions of the cognitive development and structure of mathematics in several important areas of the standards. Use the critical questions to guide discussions as you read through the documents.

Online Training Test Supports

The activities in this document focus on the mathematics online Training Test questions, describing ways to practice use of the tools for each question type.

Paper-Pencil Assessment Supports

These sample test and answer booklets provide supports for schools and districts that will administer paper/pencil Smarter Balanced tests in Spring 2018. Educators should read through the Teacher Sample Booklet Companion Materials prior to using the Sample Test Booklet and Sample Answer Booklet with students.