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Student Learning Plan

The Student Learning Plan (SLP) goal is to provide regular communication to parents about students’ continued academic progress.

The Student Learning Plan website is an information portal for school districts and includes template samples for district use.

Who is required to have a plan?

SLPs must be prepared for all students in 8th grade who were not successful on any or all of the content areas of the Smarter Balanced ELA and math during the previous year (7th grade) or who may not be on track due to academic deficiencies or absences. SLPs are maintained until the student meets standards on the Smarter Balanced ELA and math or Smarter Balanced retakes.

Grade 8: Parents and legal guardians will be notified annually (at least) about the information in the SLP. To the extent possible, the information will be translated into the primary language of the family. The learning plan will include

  • Smarter Balanced ELA and math results
  • Washington Language Proficiency Test (WLPT) scores, if the student is in a bilingual program
  • Academic deficiencies
  • Attendance rates over the previous two years

When do the plans have to be completed?

Plans must be completed within the school year. Although completed plans early in the year would provide more time to help students who do not meet standard on the Smarter Balanced ELA and math, the law allows plans to be completed any time within the school year.

What parent/guardian involvement is required?

Parent or legal guardian notification about the SLP will be at least annually, preferably through a parent conference. Progress and plan modifications shall be reported annually to parent/guardian.