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System and School Improvement - Study

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Improvement Data

Susan Canaga

Study - Data, School Identification and Progress

Access to pertinent and relevant data regarding system and school improvement can be accessed here. You will also find resources as part of a function of the team we call study. Key to effective data-informed decision making is creating a culture of inquiry and building capacity for data use. Decisions based on the right data at the right time can lead educational organizations to greater efficiency, educators to greater effectiveness, and students to greater academic engagement and achievement. Measures we report are analyzed through an equity lens to make reducing the opportunity gap a top priority.



OSPI/AESD Equity and Measures initiative is working collaboratively to build district capacity for data-informed decision making with an equity lens to improve student outcomes and reduce the opportunity gap.

Data Resources

Take Action

Cycle of Inquiry - Data Toolkit: Toolkit is currently being revised to meet ADA Compliance. Please email Patti Tucci at Patti.Tucci@k12.wa.us for a digital copy.
Use our toolkit to engage your program in a cycle of inquiry. The toolkit contains strategies and protocols for developing questions, collecting and representing data, and planning next steps