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GATE Equity Webinar Series

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Contact Information

Graduation Equity (GATE)

Kefi Andersen

Graduation: A Team Effort (GATE) Equity webinars help growth minded educators and education advocates to learn from Washington districts who are closing opportunity gaps. Using OSPI data and experience from the field, GATE Equity webinars reveal the systems that drive success, an equity focus, and the key strategies that are getting students to graduation. 

We offer two distinct experiences that both feature Washington schools doing amazing work! GATE Equity Webinar 101 sessions, in the morning, are based on foundational best practices. GATE 201 Webinar sessions, in the afternoon, focus on a specific strategy from our monthly theme that you can apply to your context. Each webinar is one hour long.

We care about our school community and hope you are all safe and healthy. We know that COVID-19 is probably interrupting many of your regularly scheduled activities so we made the decision to continue to offer GATE Equity Webinars in the hopes that they could support your learning at home. We think it’s important to provide you with meaningful professional development and our webinars are a great opportunity to learn from people who are trying innovative strategies across the state. If you know other educators that would benefit, please share the following opportunities to friends and colleagues.  

Next Webinars

August 12, 2020 | Attendance From Connection to Engagement


Connection to Engagement 101: How do schools prioritize and maintain connections with all students and families this fall?

Are you wondering what attendance will look like this fall? Join us to get a quick look at OSPI fall attendance guidance and resources. We’ll have Mount Baker School District with us to talk about how they’re adapting to remote learning and to share their approach to contacting and connecting with students. We’re adding time to our sessions this year so you can learn and connect with colleagues statewide and share your ideas in breakout rooms.

Attendance & Engagement 101 Presentation


Connection to Engagement 201: What are culturally responsive ways to increase student engagement in remote learning?

Do you want to create an engaging and culturally responsive remote learning environment in  your classroom? This webinar is geared toward teachers who want to explore some of the big ideas from the book Culturally Responsive Education in the Classroom: An Equity Framework for Pedagogy. You’ll get an opportunity to discuss how to adapt these ideas to your own context and learn from educators across the state in breakout rooms. We hope you’ll bring fellow educators along to join in the conversation.

Special Resource for this conversation: Culturally Responsive Education in the Classroom (book)

Attendance & Engagement 201 Presentation

Webinar Registration & 3 Free Clock Hours

  1. Register for morning sessions: GATE Equity Webinar 101 – you only have to do this once for each school year.
  2. Register for afternoon sessions: GATE Equity Webinar 201 – you only have to do this once for each school year. 
  3. Register monthly for your 3 Free Clock Hours on pdEnroller.
  4. Attend both sessions live and mark your attendance by participating in the polls. This will be used for clock hour verifications.
  5. Complete the PDEnroller Evaluation online. Clock hours will be awarded when we have verified your attendance, usually within a few days.
  6. Questions about this process? Contact Ronnie Larson

Feedback Survey

Would you like to share how we can make our webinars better? Your comments drive our improvements! Tell us who we should have present and the times and topics that work best for you. Were you listening to our last webinar? You can also tell us how we did! Take our short survey: Webinar Feedback Survey.


Continuous Improvement 101:  Connecting & Building Data & Systems

Bring your leadership team! Join Chuck Salina and Suzann Girtz with their friends from the Sunnyside School District to talk about how their systems for supporting students have changed from data to supports.

Continuous Improvement 101 Presentation 

3:00pm | Continuous Improvement 201: Envisioning the Future

How are you maintaining a positive culture of learning in your building?  Sunnyside School District stays with us to talk about how they are using timeless goals and 45-day action planning to connect, build, and envision the future, including ideas for how they are planning for the fall.

Continuous Improvement 201 Presentation

Social Emotional Learning 101: Introduction to Washington's Standards & Benchmarks / 10 A.M.

Right now more than ever Social Emotional Learning is a critical skill set to share with school staff and students. We'll be joined by OSPI's Tammy Bolen to give us a foundational knowledge of what SEL encompasses. In this webinar we'll be walking you through the Washington Social Emotional Learning Standards and get you some innovative ways to apply these standards right now. We'll also connect you with resources to deepen your learning. 

SEL 101 Webinar

SEL 101 Presentation

For more on the Steps for Healthy Emotional Processing visit: www.cheranderton.com or contact cher@soundsupportsk12.com.

GATE Equity Webinar 201: Safety, Mental Health, & Wellbeing / 3 P.M.

It's been a tough month and we have heard some amazing stories of resilience. Our OSPI staff want to support our educators and families by introducing you to virtual supports for trauma, grief, and loss. We'll be focusing on ways to maintain mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing you with resources to support educators, students, and their families.  

SEL 201 Webinar

High School School && Beyond Plans 101: Increasing Engagement with High School & Beyond Planning

HSBP 101 Webinar

HSBP 101 Presentation

Who am I? What can I become? How do I become that? These are the essential questions behind the High School & Beyond Plan that guides students through their high school years and into adulthood. In Washington this graduation requirement helps students get the most out of high school and think about their future. 

We'll be exploring strategies for student engagement and looking at local examples of how to personalize the experience for a variety of student needs with an alternative learning program perspective from Green River College.  

High School & Beyond Plans 201: Aligning High Beyond Plans & IEP Transition Plans

HSBP 201 Webinar

HSBP 201 Presentation

You asked and we listened! Check out some ideas for how to follow the state’s new mandate to align High School & Beyond Plans and IEP Transition Plans. We're joined by OSPI’s Special Education staff and leaders from Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) and Seattle University’s Center for Change in Transition Studies. They've developed some amazing resources they want to share with you that could be used to implement a collaborative team approach to aligning HSBP’s and IEP Transition Plans.

Students with Disabilities 101: Implementing & Sustaining Inclusionary Practices

Did you know that more than 90% of students with disabilities present with average to above-average intellectual functioning? We know that all students benefit from interacting with peers and exposure to core instruction. Do you want to check how inclusive your school is? Want to know how to get started? We’ll have Ocosta and Longview School districts with us to talk about how they are implementing and sustaining inclusionary practices from a school and district administer level.   

Students with Disabilities 101 Webinar

Supporting Students 101 Presentation

Pre-Reading Assignment/Post-Webinar Activity: Self-Assessment for Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools and RA Long Teacher's Role for Inclusion Brochure

Students with Disabilities 201: Master Scheduling for Inclusionary Practices

Master schedules reveal what schools value. Does your schedule open access or create barriers to a full education? We’ll be joined by Highline SD's McMicken Heights Elementary, Issaquah SD's Endeavour Elementary and UW’s Cassy Martin to talk about adjustments to schedules that open pathways for students with disabilities.   

Students with Disabilities 201 Webinar

Supporting Students 201 Presentation

Language Learners 101:  Supporting Best Practices webinar

Language Learners 101 Presentation


What’s your system for ensuring language acquisition? Join OSPI’s Director of Migrant & Bilingual Education, Veronica Gallardo as she examines essential systems elements needed to support Language Learners. We’ll be joined by ESD 105 to talk about what districts can do to support the schools they are working with. You’ll get statewide data and resources to help you get started!   

Language Learners 201: Designing Research-Based Programs webinar

Language Learners 201 Presentation

Join Veronica Gallardo, Director Migrant and Bilingual Education, OSPI and ESD 105 as they provide guidance on understanding systems level approach for designing Language Learner services.

College & Career Readiness 101: Embedding Equity in a College Going Culture 

The College Success Foundation provides a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships to inspire underserved, low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life. We’re going to be talking about how you can create a college going culture K-12 with some ideas on the hallmarks of best practice. Special guest, Federal Way School District will be with us to share how they’re using an equity lens to help students get to what’s next.

Career & College Readiness 101 Webinar

Pre-Reading Assignment: Building Student Momentum from High School Into College

Get the PowerPoint for Career & College Readiness 101

College & Career Readiness 201: Leading With Master Scheduling to Support Career & College Readiness 

Hear from Steven Gering, Sr. Vice President of Education Solutions at Schools by Design about creating a Master Schedule to support Career and College Readiness.  Listen to one districts commitment to equity in Master Scheduling and preparing students for career and college. Hear the “why” of career and college readiness.

Career & College Readiness 201 Webinar

Get the PowerPoint for Career & College Readiness 201

Youth Engagement 101:  Engagement Strategies

How are the youth you know getting engaged? What strategies could you offer to encourage them to own their learning and take the next step toward their own development? Greg Williamson, Director of Youth Engagement at Dept. of Children, Youth and Families, will be joining us with a dynamic group of youth from Greenhill School who are training the adults in their lives on strategies for inclusive decision making and motivation.

Youth Engagement 101 Webinar

Youth Engagement 101 Powerpoint

Resource for Youth Engagement 101

Youth Engagement 201: The Science and Theory of Hope: Creating Meaningful Pathways for Youth

Did you know that hope can be measured? Students who have hope can take more control of their own lives and with the right tools, you can increase the hope a student feels in their future. Join Chan Hellman, Ph.D. from Oklahoma University, and author of Hope Rising to learn the research base behind hope science and how you can create meaningful pathways for the youth in your community.

Youth Engagement 201 Webinar

Youth Engagement 201 Powerpoint

9th Grade Success 101: Student Success Teams

Interested in MTSS? Does it feel too big? Student Success Teams are a great way to take the first step! You don’t have to start with 9th grade! Any grade level team will benefit from these practices for timely data-based decision making. Join Portland Public Schools to learn about how they are using Student Success Teams to operationalize their supports. Ask questions and get great resources to get started!

9th Grade Success 101 Webinar

Self-assess your team practices using the Freshman Success Inventory

9th Grade Success 201: Getting the Most Out of Advisory

How do you know if you are getting the most out of advisory? What do you teach? How do you structure it? Learn from Chelan High School about how they are using their advisory to accomplish their School Improvement Plan goals, and attending to a variety of student needs. Get ideas for how to keep it fresh without a canned program and make time for what students really need in academics, relationships, and connection to the school.

9th Grade Success 201 Webinar

Self-Assess Using our Advisory Rubric

Community Partnerships 101: Leveraging Community to Build a Tiered Support System

In our first webinar join Monroe School District’s Joe Neigel and Erin Wood to learn more about what they’ve done to build community partnerships using a coordinated approach. Find out how they’ve coordinated their approach, and are challenging current practice with evidence-based principles!
Watch the webinar

Pre-reading Assignment: Prevention Tools: What Works, What Doesn’t 

View the PowerPoint

Additional Resource: Title IV Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment

Substance Use 201: Importance of Substance Use Prevention for Team Sports

In our afternoon webinar we’ll have special guest Jason Kilmer to talk about his research around team sports and substance use. If you want to learn more about what you can do to promote a culture of safety on and off the field this could be of interest to you! 
Watch the Webinar

Dr. Jason Kilmer's Article on Marijuana and Athletes

School Climate 101: Behavior Basics

Watch the Webinar on YouTube/PowerPoint Presentation of School Climate 101

Tiered Fidelity Instrument

School is starting and right now it's all about building connections between your staff, your students, and your school. OSPI's Continuous Improvement Partner Paul Wieneke will help you set the foundation for what school climate moves you can make today that will have a high impact on your school. We'll have special guest Franklin Pierce School District's Valinda Jones to talk about what it takes in real life at GATES High School. 

School Climate 201: Using the Tiered Fidelity Instrument

Watch the Webinar on YouTube/PowerPoint Presentation of School Climate 201

How do you know if you have a positive school climate? There's an assessment tool you can use with your school to check your progress. OSPI's new MTSS Director, Justyn Poulos will walk us through what the Tiered Fidelity Instrument is and how you can use it to take your school climate to the next level. We'll have special guest, North Thurston Public Schools with us to talk about how they implemented its use district wide and how it has impacted them.

GATE 101: Attendance  
Attendance Awareness month is just around the corner! We're going to be talking about high leverage practices for attendance and the why they matter. OSPI Attendance Program Supervisor Krissy Johnson will help us take a look at the research and we’ll be joined by special guests, Trish Paliado and Rachel Cason from Vancouver School District to learn how they are tackling attendance. Also fresh resources to help get the message out that "We belong in school!"

Watch the Webinar on YouTube/Powerpoint Presentation

GATE 201: Attendance Community Cafes  
Have you ever wanted to get all the voices in your community to come together? Or to hear more from the parents of your students? You may want to host a community cafe! This strategy helps you get a variety of voices focused on what's best for kids in schools, at home, and in the community. Hear from one of OSPI's Continuous Improvement Partners, Kathryn Page about how to get people involved and how you might use this strategy in your school. 

Watch the Webinar on YouTube/Powerpoint Presentation

Graduation 101: Supporting What's Next
Summer is coming! How can you help your seniors with what comes after high school? We've designed this webinar to help you. We'll have strategies to track students into their post-secondary plans, data options, and great resources to get you started. Join Kim Reykdal, OSPI Counseling Lead to learn more!​

Watch the Webinar on YouTube 

Graduation 201: Alternative Learning Experience
Watch the Webinar on YouTube 

What happens when students aren't ready to graduate by graduation? Join Rhett Nelson, OSPI's Director of Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) to get ideas on how to ease the transition and keep kids on the path to a diploma. We'll be joined by special guest, Deanna Hogan from Vancouver School District to learn how they've created a variety of options to meet the needs of their students.

Mental Health 101: Crafting an Integrated System of Supports

Watch the Webinar on YouTube | PowerPoint Presentation

Are you working on supporting all students? Learn more about how schools are crafting an Integrated System of Supports. We'll be joined by ESD 101's Andrew Bingham and OSPI's Camille Goldy to talk about their pilot program for increasing the integration of supports working with the Health Care Authority and Cheney School District, who has spent the last year implementing this process. Join us for resources that will help you assess your school district.

Mental Health 201: Elementary and Early Learning Strategies

Watch the Webinar on YouTube | PowerPoint Presentation

What does it look like to offer mental health supports in elementary schools? Learn how Project AWARE worked with Shelton School District, ESD 113, and local supports to craft integrated student supports.


SSD Student Support Team General Education Request for Assistance Form (provided by Shelton School District)

General Education Intervention Plan Form (provided by Shelton School District)

Math 101: CTE 

Watch the Webinar on YouTube 

Career & Technical Education's Dan Tedor is going to be talking through the process for CTE course equivalencies and how you can identify potential courses that make sense for you. We'll also be joined by Student Information's Jeff Whitehill to get a look at the new Report Card and secure data in Educational Data System (EDS).

Prereading: Dual Credit System Improvement Guide

Math 201: College Ready Math Initiative and Growth Mindset

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

Special Guests: Agile Mind and Bellingham School District
Did you know that there are ways to help students develop a growth mindset? The College Ready Math Initiative will be joining us to talk about their strategies for increasing student engagement and persistence in math. Bellevue School District will also be with us to share their Intensified Algebra and Academic Youth Development courses, where these growth mindset strategies are being implemented.