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Reengaging & Reducing Dropouts

Graduation: A Team Effort Logo
The Value of Graduation

A high school diploma provides $552,205* in benefits to the graduate, taxpayers and society.

*2014 analysis by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy.

Contact Information

Dixie Grunenfelder
Director of K12 System Supports

Graduation: A Team Effort (GATE)

GATE is a collaborative effort to increase high school graduation rates by developing and sustaining a dropout prevention/intervention system, and reengaging youth who have dropped out.

Through effective local and statewide partnerships, the GATE initiative works to remove barriers to services and learning, improve academic success, reduce dropouts and increase graduation rates. GATE is working to develop a comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement system by working collectively to:

  • Reduce and eliminate academic and non-academic barriers to learning.
  • Align vision and outcomes across youth-serving organizations and agencies.
  • Coordinate efforts and share information about successful programs
  • Advocate for the needs of children and youth in Washington state.

The Building Bridges Workgroup, a multi-agency taskforce crated by the Legislature in 2007, was tasked with developing recommendations to improve graduation rates and reduce dropouts in Washington. The Workgroup created three primary recommendations that still serve as a guiding influence in the GATE work:

  1. Set an educational goal for youth- and family-serving agencies and coordinate efforts to achieve it.
  2. Build local dropout prevention and intervention system and practices at every grade level.
  3. Create a dropout reengagement system for 16- to 24- year old youth.

GATE Steering Committee (Building Bridges Workgroup)

Membership: Agency Leadership
Schedule: Annual Meeting
Role: Accountability, guidance, policy alignment and recommendations.

GATE Backbone Committee

Membership: Select representatives from core agencies and organizations
Schedule: Monthly work sessions
Role: Strategy and coordination of resources, report to Steering Committee.

GATE Partnership Advisory Committee

Membership: broad base of youth and family serving agencies and organizations
Schedule: Quarterly meetings
Role: Provide wide lens of input on specific goals and topics related to the Building Bridges recommendations. Assist in communicating policies and practices statewide. Group members serve on short term, product driven workgroups as needed.