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Home » Student Success » Support Programs » Dual Credit Programs » Dual Credit Programs - Getting Started Toolkit

Dual Credit Programs - Getting Started Toolkit

Contact Information

Multiple Pathway/Dual Credit

Jason Boatwright

Data Sources - Start by gathering information

OSPI's Dual Credit Data

Rubric/Assessment Tool - Start an improvement process with system analysis

OSPI's Dual Credit System Improvement Guide

This dual credit specific resource guides building/district staff through a four-step system improvement process:

  • Explore Dual Credit - what are the benefits of increasing equitable access to dual credit opportunities?
  • Data Dive - using the OSPI Dual Credit Data, guided questions help staff understand the data
  • Self-Assessment - use the provided rubric to do some reflection on what is working well and where improvement is needed
  • Action Planning - use the provided template to set some SMART goals and determine a plan moving forward that increases equitable access to dual credit

Program Specific Getting Started Tools - Start a new dual credit course/program

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