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School Health Services

Health Services provides consultation to school nurses, administrators, staff, families, and students in order to reduce barriers to learning and better assure a safe and healthy school environment.

New Law Regarding the Use of Epinephrine Injectors in Schools

All school districts must be aware of the specific actions required by Senate Bill 5104 (2013) regarding the use of epinephrine injectors in schools.

The bill permits schools to maintain a supply of epinephrine injectors for use by a school nurse with students not currently possessing epinephrine autoinjector prescriptions or guided anaphylaxis care plans. The supply of injectors may be used "to respond to an anaphylactic reaction under a standing protocol according to RCW 28A.210.300."

The law also directs OSPI as follows: "The office of the superintendent of public instruction shall review the anaphylaxis policy guidelines required under RCW 28A.210.380 and make a recommendation to the education committees of the legislature by December 1, 2013, based on student safety, regarding whether to designate other trained school employees to administer epinephrine autoinjectors to students without prescriptions for epinephrine autoinjectors, demonstrating the symptoms of anaphylaxis when a school nurse is not in the vicinity."

Collaborating for Effective Health Planning : 504 Support for Students with Special Health Care Needs

Health Topics A-Z

Health conditions-from asthma to vision screening-and their associated laws and regulations. Includes resources for emergency preparedness, infection control, medications and more.

School Nurse Corps

A description of the School Nurse Corps program and contact information for ESD School Nurse Corps administrators.

Home/Hospital Instruction

Information about home/hospital instruction provided to students who are temporarily unable to attend school due to a disability or illness.