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Bridge to College Courses


Considering Offering Bridge to College?

Read Bulletin 005-20 for expectations for districts interested in offering Bridge to College courses.

College Readiness Resources

Bridge to College Initiative Website

  • For Students, Parents/Guardians
  • Student and Teacher Videos

Molly Berger
ELA Specialist

Arlene Crum
Director of Mathematics

    Bridge to College Mathematics is fourth-year (senior-level) course designed to follow Algebra II and develop college readiness in students. Students who earn a "B" or better in the Bridge Course are eligible to enter college level mathematics coursework in any of the State of Washington Community and Technical Colleges. Bridge to College Math is also a designated transition course that fulfills a Graduation Pathway.

    The courses are grounded in essential career and college readiness expectations as reflected in the Washington State K-12 Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics (the Common Core State Standards) to ensure that students passing the course are fully prepared for college-level coursework. The courses were developed by higher education faculty, high school teachers, and curriculum specialists from multiple colleges and school districts.

    As a general overview, the courses:

    • Increase student engagement in mathematics and ELA.
    • Prepare students with relevant college-level curriculum, bypassing the need for remedial coursework and placement tests.
    • Deepen student understanding of crucial knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college.
    • Bridge to College ELA and mathematics are transition courses which act as a pathway to graduation.
    • The BERC Impact Report shows that Bridge to College courses have a positive impact on student success in college courses.

    Washington State Course Implementation

    In order to offer the Bridge to College classes, schools must register using iGrants form 719. Teachers must become eligible to teach the course by attending a New Teacher Institute in the summer and Community of Practice meetings during the school year.

    More information about the Bridge to College initiative and courses:

    The District and School Assurances provide information about the funding for the course, as well as the required commitments from both the school and the district.

    Higher Education Placement Agreements

    Resources that provide more information about course implementation:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Advanced learning