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Home » Student Success » Testing » Appealing a High School Test Score » Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Appeals

Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Appeals

Important Note

Only class of 2019 and earlier students are eligible for this appeal. The deadline for all appeals is August 31, 2022.

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Graduation Pathways


Students in their senior year (or junior year under strict situational criterion) who have been unable to demonstrate their skills and knowledge on the state assessment or another assessment alternative because of special, unavoidable circumstances may appeal to the Superintendent of Public Instruction to waive a specific content area's assessment graduation requirement.

WAC 392-501-601 defines a "special, unavoidable circumstance," explains the process for filing an appeal, and the criteria for granting an appeal.

How do I submit a Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Appeal?

If a student's situation meets the criteria of WAC 392-501-601, a student or the student's parent or guardian, with appropriate assistance from school staff, must complete and submit the Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Appeal Form with required documentation via the Graduation Alternatives application in EDS. The appeal must be signed off by the principal and District Assessment Coordinator prior to the deadline to ensure the appeal is reviewed,

Required Documents

The following documentation must be uploaded into the student's form in the Graduation Alternatives application:

  • Washington State Transcript
  • High School Assessment Scores (from Washington State or Other State(s) if appropriate)

Supporting Documents

Depending on the reason for the request, additional documentation may be required  

  • Graduation Alternatives Test Scores (ACT / SAT / AP / IB)
  • Medical Diagnostic Supporting Letter(s) or Documentation (within the constraints of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA))
  • Transfer - Enrollment Date Verification

What happens once I submit an appeal?

Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Appeals are reviewed by the Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Review Panel, who make recommendations to the Superintendent, on a twice yearly schedule.

  • All applications for returning seniors of the previous year's cohort or earlier who had special, unavoidable circumstances that prevented them from participating in an assessment opportunity during their cohort's graduation year; or, students who experienced a major irregularity their 11th grade year that meets the criteria under WAC 392-501-601, are due by October 1.
  • All applications for current 12th graders who had special, unavoidable circumstances that prevented them from participating in an assessment opportunity their senior year are due May 1.

Once the panel has reviewed each appeal, they will provide a recommendation to the Superintendent who will review all information associated with the appeal and make a final determination. Once the Superintendent has made a final determination, a letter will be sent to the student (via their District Assessment Coordinator) declaring the appeal's outcome.