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Career and College Readiness

Contact Information

Elementary Level Contact
Megan LaPalm​

School Counseling
Kim Reykdal

Explore lesson plan titles for grades 6–12 in the Curriculum Map. The Map includes:

Career Planning Legislation

State law (RCW 28A.600.045) encourages educators in middle schools and high schools to integrate a comprehensive guidance and career planning program.

Professional Development

2021-22 OSPI-WSAC Webinar Series

During the 2021–22 school year, OSPI, the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), and other partners will co-host a series of webinars for school counselors, career counselors and specialists, college access professionals and other support staff. This webinar series is designed to provide relevant and timely information related to comprehensive school counseling and career and college readiness services. This includes specific policy changes, emerging or existing best practices and useful tools and resources to help you support students. Several years worth of slide decks are available below in the "Past Webinars" section or you can check out OSPI-WSAC Webinars playlist

Be sure to watch this page as the dates get closer for registration links to request 1.5 FREE clock hours per webinar. We will also be sending out email reminders to those of you who register for the webinar series and/or have subscribed to our newly relaunched School Counseling News and Notes newsletters

  • 9/15/21: Financial Aid Advising Day: Strategies and Resources to Reduce Barriers and Increase Access to Financial Aid Webinar 
    • 9-10:30am (1.5 Clock Hours available: pdEnroller event #133833 Clock Hour Registration)
    • Join OSPI-WSAC staff and some incredible STEM Network partners in exploring lessons learned from last year’s newly mandated Financial Aid Advising Day (FAAD), during which school staff supported seniors to complete the financial aid application needed to transition to their post-high school goal.
  • 11/17/21: Students’ Mental Health: Instilling Hope and Increasing Engagement Through Career and College Planning
  • 1/19/22: Graduation Pathways: Building Pathways to Careers and College That Serve All Students  
  • 3/16/22: High School and Beyond Plan: Strategies to Increase Student, Staff, Family and Community Engagement
  • 5/18/22: Legislative Updates: Possible Impacts in the Realm of Career and College Readiness

NOTE: You can request a separate link to sign up for clock hours through pdEnroller prior to each event.

Past Webinars

  • Supporting Seniors’ Transitions: From Finishing High School to Leaving the Nest | March 31, 2021

    This was the final of four OSPI-WSAC Wednesday webinars for the 2020-21 school year. Thank you for participating!

    Following this past year of school closures, there have been many impacts on seniors’ abilities to engage in their learning, complete graduation requirements and adequately prepare for their future goals. OSPI-WSAC staff explored strategies and resources for supporting this year’s seniors as they possibly return to their high school, prepare to graduate and take the needed steps to transition to their post-high school goal.

    Watch the Webinar HERE

  • January 27, 2021: Supporting Students’ Transitions: Aligning HSBP’s and IEP Transition Plans

    Presenters: Kim Reykdal & Alexandra Toney (OSPI); Kelly McClure (UPSD)

    Join OSPI’s School Counseling and Special Education staff and University Place SD staff to learn more about how special educators, general educators, school counselors, career specialists and system leaders can collaboratively provide an inclusive and effective framework for High School and Beyond Planning so that all students can achieve their secondary goals.

    This webinar will highlight practices to align a student's High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) and IEP transition plan via exploring a sample of a HSBP and the aligned IEP Transition Plan. UPSD staff will share how they are shifting the implementation of their HSBP process to better meet the transition needs of their students.

                    Supporting Students’ Transitions: Aligning HSBP’s and IEP Transition Plans Webinar Presentation Slides

  • December 2, 2020: Supporting Seniors - Washington Student Loan Advocacy & Resources

          An introduction to Washington’s Student Loan Advocate and the work she has completed thus far. You will learn about the issues that student loan borrowers are dealing with in our state and resources and advocacy work that the Advocate has created to educate and                      empower borrowers. You will also get a look at the new Washington Student Loan Education resource site which aims to help high school and college students and families better understand financial aid and their rights as responsibilities as student loan borrowers.

                   OSPI-WSAC December 2 Webinar Presentation Slides

  • September 23, 2020: Supporting Seniors’ Financial Aid Awareness: Options and Applications

                   12th Year Campaign website