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Expedited Assessment Appeals Waiver

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The passage of Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 1599 in May 2019 created an expedited appeal process for waiving specific assessment graduation requirements for eligible students in the classes of 2014 through 2020.

Some students in the Classes of 2014 through 2020 may be eligible to have their assessment graduation requirements (English language arts (ELA), math, or both) waived. The waiver requires that the student, through one of several pathways, demonstrate that he/she has attained the skills and knowledge to meet the high school standards and possesses the skills necessary to successfully achieve the college or career goals established in his or her high school and beyond plan.

Expedited Assessment Appeal Process

To pursue a waiver for one or more of the content areas, a student's district must follow the Expedited Assessment Appeal (EAA) process.

This process requires the following steps:

  1. The student must meet eligibility criteria AND demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the high school ELA and/or Mathematics assessment standards and to successfully achieve their college or career goals.
  2. The student or the student's parent, guardian, or principal initiates an appeal with the district.
    • If pathway B is indicated, please indicate whether or not consent has been obtained from student/student's guardian for OSPI to disclose student information to SBCTC (see Consent Information and Sample Document).
  3. The district determines which appeals are submitted to OSPI for review and approval.
  4. The District Assessment Coordinators (or their Designees) submits the appeal to OSPI using the Expedited Assessment Appeals tab in the Graduation Alternatives application (in EDS).
  5. OSPI reviews and (if appropriate) approves submissions that meet eligibility AND approval requirements.
    • For appeals using one of the four designated pathways (A-D), this process will typically take three days.
    • For appeals using the "other" pathway (E), a panel of educational professionals will convene to review submission materials and provide recommendations to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  6. If an appeal is approved, a "Print Letter" button will appear at the end of the student record's row of the Expedited Assessment Appeals tool.
    • District Assessment Coordinators (or their Designees) are the only personnel in the district authorized to submit Expedited Assessment Appeals to OSPI.

Student Eligibility Requirements

EAA eligibility requirements must be met before a student may attempt an appeal. A student must ALSO meet EAA Approval Requirements (see section below) to be granted an EAA waiver.

A student's graduation requirement year (as identified in CEDARS) determines their EAA eligibility requirements:

  • For the Classes of 2014-2017 and 2019-2020: An eligible student must have completed all other applicable graduation requirements (e.g., all graduation credits, High School and Beyond Plan, etc.). 
  • For the Class of 2018: An eligible student must:
    1. Have completed all other applicable graduation requirements (e.g., all graduation credits, High School and Beyond Plan, etc.);
    2. Have attempted an alternative assessment option prior to submitting a waiver request. Alternative assessment options include SAT, ACT, AP, or IB tests; Second attempt on the Smarter Balanced Assessments; GPA comparison; Collections of Evidence submitted by June 2017; or Certificate of Individual Achievement options (for applicable students with IEPs). Documentation may be required to verify an attempt at an alternative.

Approval Requirements

RCW 28A.655.065 states that an Expedited Assessment Appeals Waiver can only be approved if the eligible student has, through use of the pathways listed below, demonstrated the "the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the high school graduation standard and that the student has the skills necessary to successfully achieve the college or career goals established in their high school and beyond plan."

Pathways for demonstrating include, but are not limited to:
(A) Successful completion of a college level class in the relevant subject area
(B) Admission to a higher education institution or career preparation program
(C) Award of a scholarship for higher education
(D) Enlistment in a branch of the military
(E) Other - If a student has demonstrated the "necessary skills and knowledge" through a pathway other than the options listed in A through D. Districts must submit/upload the Student Statement document(s) depending on the waiver area(s) and the indicated sections of the student's High School and Beyond Plan in the EAA tab in the Graduation Alternatives application.

Math Waiver Student Statement (updated January 2020)
ELA Waiver Student Statement (updated January 2020)


High School and Beyond Plan sections:

  • Four-year course plan
  • Educational and Career Goals
  • Results from Career Interest Inventory ("saved" careers of interest)
  • Resume or Activity log

Documentation Required for Expedited Assessment Appeals

For all pathways, school districts are expected to retain all verifying documentation within the student's cumulative file, in accordance with current records retention schedules. For more details on applicable "other" pathway documentation and the process for sending materials to OSPI, please see OSPI's EAA "Other" Pathway Guidance Webpage.

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