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Home » Student Success » Access & Opportunity in Education » Native Education » Native Education - Curriculum Support Materials

Native Education - Curriculum Support Materials

These support materials work compatibly with standards-based curriculum. They augment and enrich the instructional and curricular approach of Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State.

American History, Columbus, Boarding Schools

American History - an American Indian Comments
Unwritten Chapters

Columbus - Native American Perspective
An American Indian Perspective on Columbus

Columbus - Resource Kit for Teachers
Teaching About Columbus in 1992 and Beyond

Curriculum Support Material - Grades 7-12
Indians of Washington State

Cultural Genocide and the Education of Native Americans
From Boarding Schools to Self Determination

Culture - Daily Life, the Sacred Circle, Thanksgiving

Food, Shelter, Clothing in Native American Culture + Guidelines to Evaluate Materials
Content and Activities for Teaching About Indians in Washington State (Grades K-6)

Mental, Spiritual, Cultural and Physical Aspects of the Sacred Circle
Breaking the Sacred Circle

Salmon Homecoming - Story-based Curriculum for Primary Environmental Education
One With the Watershed

Thanksgiving - Study and Discussion Questions and Ideas
Teaching About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Curriculum from the Coos County Indian Education Coordination Program
Thanksgiving. . . A Resource Guide/Indian Education Curriculum Unit

Books and Other Curricular Materials

oyate is an organization of Native Americans that conducts a critical evaluation of books and curricula with Indian themes. Visit the site or contact staff to find out more.

Historical Archives, Professional Development, Learning Materials

As one of the Smithsonian's institutions, the National Museum of the American Indian is "committed to bringing Native voices to what the museum writes and presents, whether on-site, at one of the three NMAI venues, through the museum's publications, or via the Internet. 
National Museum of the American Indian & Educators and Students