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Program Guidelines

Identification and Eligibility

Identify Eligible Students

Definitions, procedures for the identification of English language learners, transfer and foreign exchange students, sign language as the primary language

Native American and Alaska Natives Under Title III, Part A

Eligibility, process for identification, program eligibility, assessment, services

Immigrant Children and Youth Under Title III, Part A

Definition, identification and reporting, immigrant competitive grants, the right to attend public schools

Models and Services

Program Models

Legislation, instructional program models and descriptions, alternative instructional programs, equal access to school and district programs

Exited TBIP Students

Funding formula for eligible exited TBIP students, eligibility, services for eligible, exited students, program evaluation

Private School Participation in Title III

Federal law, regulation, guidance, consultation, identification, services, recordkeeping, complaint process

English Language Proficiency Descriptors and Standards

Standards and Proficiency Level Descriptors

The proficiency descriptors and new English language proficiency standards are designed for classroom teachers and English Language Learner (ELL) specialists.

Family Engagement and Communication

Parent Communication and Engagement

Communication and language access, notification of eligibility, AMAO notification, parent waiver, federal parent engagement requirements

Translated Guides, Notification Letters and Forms for Parents and Guardians

Parent guides, notification letters, home language survey, forms — waive placement and private school consultation

Information for Parents and Gaurdians 

New state assessment system—Smarter Balanced—and how it can support English language learners, introduction to migrant education, and how bilingual education works—Learning English in Washington Schools: What Parents Should Know