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Home » Student Success » Career & Technical Education » Career and Technical Education Staff

Career and Technical Education Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Rebecca Wallace Executive Director rebecca.wallace@k12.wa.us 360-725-6243
Samantha L. Sanders Assistant Director samantha.sanders@k12.wa.us 360-725-6259
Sue Anderson Administrative Assistant to Rebecca Wallace susie.anderson@k12.wa.us 360-725-6245
Shailee Berry Administrative Assistant shailee.berry@k12.wa.us 360-725-6245
Lisa Fish Course Equivalency Project Coordinator lisa.fish@k12.wa.us 360-725-6239
Marianna Goheen Health Sciences Program Supervisor marianna.goheen@k12.wa.us 360-725-6257
Renee Lafreniere CTE Pathways Project Coordinator renee.lafreniere@k12.wa.us 360-725-6253
Teri Lee Administrative Assistant teri.lee@k12.wa.us 360-725-6249
Clarisse Leong Operations Manager clarisse.leong@k12.wa.us 360-725-6235
Angie Mason-Smith Core Plus Project Coordinator angie.mason-smith@k12.wa.us 360-725-6242
Doug Meyer Program Supervisor doug.meyer@k12.wa.us  
Vacant Administrative Assistant   360-725-6245
Roger Rich Skilled & Technical Sciences Program Supervisor roger.rich@k12.wa.us 360-725-6244
Roger Rich STEM Program Supervisor roger.rich@k12.wa.us 360-725-6244
Michelle Spenser Family & Consumer Sciences Program Supervisor michelle.spenser@k12.wa.us 360-725-0417
Deifi Stolz Methods of Administration Program Supervisor deifi.stolz@k12.wa.us 360-725-6254
Sheri Tucker Career Connect Washington Project Coordinator sheri.tucker@k12.wa.us 360-725-4968
Dennis Wallace Agriculture Education Program Supervisor dennis.wallace@k12.wa.us 360-725-6241
Lance Wrzesinski Business & Marketing Program Supervisor lance.wrzesinski@k12.wa.us 360-725-6258