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Home » Policy & Funding » School Buildings & Facilities » School Facilities Programs » Pre-Disaster Mitigation Project » Washington State K-12 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

Washington State K-12 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

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School Facilities & Organization

Justin Rogers

The location and geographic diversity of Washington state come with a price: natural disasters. The state is vulnerable to nine different disasters, each with the power to cause death and destruction. Understanding which schools are vulnerable to which disasters will help us prepare.

Until now, that information hasn’t been readily available at the state level. In 2012, OSPI received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to specifically address natural disaster risks.

Washington State K-12 Facilities Hazard Mitigation Plan provides a clear way to evaluate and assist school districts to address these risks to save the most lives and avoid the most damage in future disasters.

Download: Washington State K–12 Facilities Hazard Mitigation Plan