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School Facilities

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School Facilities & Organization


School Facilities & Organization (SF&O) is responsible for administering the state's K-12 capital grant programs. The primary grant program is the School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) which is the state's largest capital grant program. SF&O also manages other grant programs, depending upon state funding, such as small repair and improvements, K-3 class size reduction, STEM, energy efficiency, pre-disaster mitigation, and healthy schools. SF&O provides support and guidance for local school districts and assists with state policy development, in the areas of facility management and capital projects. School district organization involves district boundary changes and transfer of district territory, and may also include annexations and consolidations.

School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP)

Other Grants & Funding Resources

ADA Equal Access Grant | Healthy Kids-Healthy Schools Grants | Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB) | Small Rural District Modernization Grants | STEM Grants | State Trust Lands | CTE Equipment Grant Program | Urgent Repair Grants


Asset Preservation Program (APP) | High Performance Schools and WSSP | Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) | School District Organization | Skills Centers

Information & Condition of Schools (ICOS)

The Information and Condition of Schools (ICOS) is a web-based system where information and condition details about facilities and sites operated by school districts are documented and stored.

Certified Building Condition Assessment

To be qualified to perform certified building condition assessments for study and surveys and asset preservation program buildings, consultants must attend OSPI's Certified Building Condition Assessment training.


Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP)

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)


  • Capital Budget
  • Rulemaking
  • Project Information & Reference for School Districts: Washington State School Districts may find the following information and forms useful when implementing facility design and construction projects. The Department of Enterprise Services and the Superintendent of Public Instruction have made this information available as requested by the 2011 Washington State Legislature in a proviso of the 2011-2013 Capital Budget bill (HB 1497, Section 7019 and 7029).