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Safe Routes to School Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Education

What's New?

Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) Bicycle Fleet Support Program

OSPI is partnering with WTSC to provide school districts with the opportunity to receive a grant designed to support maintenance of district bicycle fleets.

Safe Routes to School Teacher Training - Now Available!

Participants will learn successful strategies to deliver bicycle and pedestrian safety education to support students safely walking and biking to school. Register for online training modules.

Contact Information

Safe Routes to School

Debbie Lindgren

The Safe Routes to School: Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education (SRTS) program is made possible by a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The goal of the program is to improve safety and encourage more students in grades 6–8 to safely walk and bicycle to school. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) provides training and materials to the funded districts. Current grants totaled approximately $30,000, and are used to purchase a set of bikes, trailers for storage and transport, curriculum, etc.

Program Outcomes

The success of the Safe Routes to School Program shows it is possible to successfully reduce serious injuries and fatalities on Washington's streets as reported in the 2016 Student Travel Survey State Report.

The SRTS program began in 2009 as a pilot project funded by the Washington State Legislature. Since its inception in 2009, the program has awarded grants to over 100 school districts, provided professional development to over 500 teachers, and reached nearly 200,000 students.

SRTS Teacher Training Learning Modules

The SRTS Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Teacher Training Manual is now available through Moodle—an online learning platform. These learning modules are available to all past and current SRTS grant recipients. To receive clock hours, please register prior to completing the course

Online Learning Modules – Moodle

SRTS Teacher Training Registration – pdEnroller

Program Curriculum

Full Curriculum (December 2013)

Lessons & Sections

  • Cover and Introduction
  • Curriculum at a Glance
  • Pre-Unit Preparations
  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Captain Barclay
  • Lesson 3: Eyeballs!
  • Lesson 4: Clothing & Equipment
  • Lesson 5: Bicycle Handling Practice
  • Lesson 6: Beginning Traffic Skills Practice
  • Lesson 7: Advanced Traffic Skills Practice
  • Lesson 8: The Walking Audit
  • Advanced Bicycle Handling Lessons

Additional Information