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K-12 Tiered Supports

What’s Happening?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Kefi Andersen

What are K-12 Tiered Supports?

K-12 Tiered Supports are part of System and School Improvement. The work is grounded in an action framework that structures service delivery to assist staff and students to create a culture for learning.

  • Leadership - creating purpose and relational trust that engage staff and students
  • Collaboration - practices that involve staff in action research to improve teaching and learning
  • Support system - integrated support system for behavior, achievement, and social emotional needs
  • Data - evidence-based processes that monitor and connect staff and students to a system of supports

How can K-12 Tiered Supports help you?

K-12 Tiered Supports can assist with assessing, building and supporting your K-12 education system, and tools and resources for taking action in your ongoing continuous improvement processes. Watch Introduction Video - coming soon


Action Framework Survey: A survey to assess progress in Action Framework themes: data, systems, collaborative inquiry, leadership, and culture.

Conceptul Framework Survey: A survey to assess progress in Conceptual Framework themes: relational trust, academic press, and supports.

Concept and Action Framework: Two frameworks that provide a diagram to organize work within schools and districts.

A Systems Approach to Supporting Student Success & Teacher Efficacy


Coaches Handbook: A comprehensive guidebook, including the frameworks, key practices, implementation guide, and assessment tools.

Take Action

45-Day Action Plan Overview: A strategy to create transparency by: clarifying a vision, collecting information, developing goals, and creating an action plan.


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