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District Leaders

Quick Links

Manage the evaluation process and documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

For Districts:

Instructional and Leadership Frameworks

A framework is a common language and vision of what quality teaching and leading looks like. All districts are required to select both an instructional and a leadership framework to use when evaluating their teachers and principals. The frameworks have common themes tying the criteria for teachers and principals together.

Training Modules

The training modules focus on professional learning for TPEP and the state eight criteria.

District Training Funding

OSPI provides funding to districts to train teachers and administrators.

District Framework Selections

A list of Instructional and Leadership Framework selections by district.

Decision Making

The State vs. District Decision Matrix explains what TPEP decisions are required by the state and what decisions are made at the district level.

Research and Reports

A variety of research and reports has been published about the WA TPEP program. This page also includes School Employee Evaluation data.

Steering Committee

The TPEP Steering Committee includes organizations representing teachers, principals, school administrators, and family members.

Approved TPEP Training Providers

OSPI has developed a statewide cadre of framework trainers whose services are available through the local ESD or on a consulting basis.