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Become a National Board Cohort Facilitator

Contact Information

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)

Steven Mueller

All Washington State National Board candidates have access to cohort facilitators, who are experienced NBCTs that have received training through OSPI.

Universities, school districts, local educations associations, non-profits, and ESDs hire facilitators to support candidates through the certification process.

Facilitator Training

To ensure consistency across the state, facilitators are asked to participate in Facilitator Training prior to hosting a cohort group. Additionally, OSPI will only approve cohorts that are facilitated by trained National Board Cohort Trainers (NBCT). This two-day training hones facilitation knowledge and skills, provides a deeper understanding of the revised National Board process, as well as develops skills in working with adult learners. Typically, OSPI co-locates Facilitator Training with WEA Jump Start sessions during the summer. The cost for this training is approximately $60 per day.

OSPI's Regional Coordinators.

Current Training Options

Facilitator Training for 2019 has ended, but you are welcome to reach out to OSPI if you have a need for cohort facilitation in your district. Please note that OSPI contracts with the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP) for our registration process.