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Recommended Literacy Screening Tools

The Dyslexia Advisory Council with the full support of Superintendent Chris Reykdal are recommending the following literacy screening tools for students in grades K-2 to identify students “who display indications of, or areas associated with, dyslexia” (RCW 28A.320.260).

School districts who begin using the literacy screening tools in school year 2019-20 or school year 2020-21, will be considered early adopters. All Washington school districts are required to fully implement RCW 28A.320.260 statute in school year 2021-22.

Expectation of RCW 28A.300.700

Dyslexia screening tools

 (1) By September 1, 2019, the superintendent of public instruction, after considering recommendations from the dyslexia advisory council convened under RCW 28A.300.710, must identify screening tools and resources that, at a minimum, meet the following best practices to: (a) Satisfy developmental and academic criteria, including considerations of validity and reliability, that indicate typical literacy development or dyslexia, taking into account typical child neurological development; and (b) Identify indicators and areas of weakness that are highly predictive of future reading difficulty, including phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, rapid naming skills, letter sound knowledge, and family history of difficulty with reading and language acquisition.

(2) Beginning September 1, 2019, the superintendent of public instruction must maintain on the agency's web site the list of screening tools and resources identified under this section and must include links to the tools and resources, when available.

Recommended Literacy Screening Tools & Guidance

Selecting a Literacy Screening Tool