Title I and Learning Assistance Program
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Title I

Schoolwide Model – Title I, Part A

A schoolwide program takes the form of a comprehensive reform strategy designed to improve all educational programming in a school. The primary goal — ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, meet and exceed the learning goals defined by state academic standards.

Schools that receive Title I, Part A funds and use the schoolwide model must complete these 4 reform strategies:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment.
  2. Identify goals and strategies that address those needs.
    • Commit to putting the strategies into action and meeting related goals.
  3. Create a comprehensive plan.
  4. Conduct an annual review that evaluates the effectiveness of the schoolwide program.
    • Revise the plan as necessary.

Use Indistar to Merge Schoolwide & Student and School Success Action Plans
Webinar Recorded November 20, 2013Presentation | Frequently Asked QuestionsMerge Your Action Plans (PDF)
Topics: Requirements, timelines and technical assistance
Presenters: Title I, Part A — Gayle Pauley, Director and Larry Fazzari, Program Supervisor
Office of Student and School Success — Andy Kelly, Assistant Superintendent, Travis Campbell, Director K-12 and Nate Marciochi, Information Technology Specialist, Indistar

  • Find out how to access and use the Indistar guidance document.
  • Learn how to use Indistar to merge your schoolwide, and Student and School Success action plans.
  • Requirements and timelines for plan integration.

Indistar on OSPI’s Student & School Success (OSS) Site
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